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May 2021


In the Spotlight: Miller Environmental Group: Stronger than Ever
Experts at waste management through large scale industrial cleaning, spill remediation and more, Miller Environmental Group has been able to vertically integrate their recycling and disposal facilities through acquisitions, growing stronger than ever while continuing to serve the changing needs of customers.

Business and Communication Tools: A Four Step Journey to Create a High-Performance Work Team at Your Site
Putting a MRF’s resources where they will have the most impact is not just a good business practice, it is the key to better long-term relationships with your employees, customers and communities.
Pat Hudson

Compactors: Which Compactor is Right for Your Operation?
Commercial compactors are essential tools for a wide variety of industries. From self-contained to stationary compactors, each application provides a solution that best fits your industry’s needs. By identifying whether your site will be demolishing bulky trash or consisting of mostly compactable wet waste, it will help you select the best solution.
Greg Shields

Tarping Systems: Safety First: Creating a Better Work Environment
Choosing the correct tarping system for your roll-off truck can help you or your fleet become safer. Like with most equipment, there are varying degrees of safety. Be sure to review the three configurations or styles of tarping systems, and consider the advantages or risks associated with each.
Chad Rea

Personal Protective Equipment: Heat-Related Illness: Knowledge Saves Lives
Strategies for keeping core temperatures from rising into the danger zone.
David Miller

Business and Communication Tools : Security for Peanuts
Simple background screening best practices for small businesses.
DeeAnn Myers

Scales: Should Scales and Software Be Combined When Issuing an RFP?
Scale software and hardware are critical capital investments for any landfill or transfer station operation. Taking the time to issue separate RFPs and tailor the solution to your needs will inevitably pay off and, in the end, give you the best of both worlds.
Chris Butler

Strategic Planning: Increasing Efficiency and Sustainability in Citizen’s Convenience Centers
Convenience Centers are critical infrastructure to manage discarded materials properly, keeping communities cleaner and safer. A well-thought-through plan with a holistic approach will sustain your community for decades.
Ryan Duckett, PE

Material Handlers: Purpose-built Waste Handlers Offer Multiple Ways to Upgrade Your Fleet
Wheel loaders will always be essential equipment for most waste-handling sites. Before you make the switch, look at the wide range of choices available to you, so you can spec the machine that best matches your operation.
Ryan Kolb

Buildings and Shelters: A Clean Design Slate
Rigid-frame fabric buildings hold the key to optimized facility solutions for waste applications.
Matt VanScoyoc

Shredders: Safely, Efficiently, and Profitably Recycling Li-ion Batteries
Innovative shredding technologies are enhancing the ability of recyclers to process a wide variety of battery types and sizes more effectively than ever before.
John Nuens

Leachate Case Study: Cogeneration Solution for Evaporating Landfill Leachate
The Three Rivers Regional Landfill maximizes value by evaporating leachate with Heartland’s Hybrid CoVAP™ Solution, which combines the exhaust from an onsite waste-to-energy plant with the thermal energy from a landfill gas flare.
John Weigold

Trucks Case Study: DTG Recycle: Turning Debris into Useable Products with Peterbilts from PacLease
To keep DTG moving and recycling, the company relies on a fleet of more than 100 trucks. With the vast majority on a full-service lease from PacLease, DTG Recycling is able to conserve their cash flow, while allowing them to continue to expand.

Maintenance: Being Green While You Clean
Proper treatment of wash water generated in the process of washing waste hauling trucks can save operating costs while maintaining a green profile.
Andrew Hyatt

From the Experts: Acceleration to Automation
While we will continue to see the push for automation industry-wide, collection trucks will continue to evolve to be more efficient and reliable, customers will be converted to the most efficient of service levels, and many manufacturers will shift their focus more than ever to supplying anything related to automation as a frontline product.
John Paglia III

Safety Brief: Storm Preparation and Safety
Hurricane season is here. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 and the Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15 to November 30. Preparation and safety training will ensure that waste and recycling companies are ready to respond to big storms.
Will Flower

HHW Corner: First of Two Parts: Should our Community have a Permanent HHW Collection Facility?
The most asked question, “Should our local community have a permanent HHW collection facility?”, occurs after some years of occasional HHW collection events, and there frequently emerges a local desire to find a more convenient, year-round opportunity to manage hazardous materials from the home.
David Nightingale, CHMM, S.C.