The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) released a statement after AB 1371 was voted down on the floor of the California State Assembly. The legislation currently has no viable path forward during the current legislative session. AB 1371 would prohibit online retailers from using single-use plastic packaging such as shipping envelopes, cushioning, packaging foam, and bubble wrap in the transport of products to consumers.

“When brick and mortar stores were shuttered due to the pandemic, plastic packaging was essential in shipping all kinds of goods from retailers to consumers,” said Tony Radoszewski, PLASTICS President and CEO. “Radical bills like AB 1371 to prohibit the use of plastic packaging would undoubtedly increase damages during shipping. Incredibly, bans on plastic packaging would also create a preference for alternatives that actually require more energy to produce and transport, leading to higher greenhouse gas emissions. We will continue to work with elected officials and regulators across America to ensure the value of plastics is taken into account during policy deliberations.”

AB 1371 would:

  • Ban critical packaging used by small, medium and large retailers to ensure products arrive undamaged, unbroken or unspoiled.
  • Disrupt supply chains for electronics, appliances, cosmetics, food and agricultural products, automotive parts, pharmaceutical and medical supplies and more.
  • Increase waste as banned packaging will be legally required to be discarded.
  • Increase greenhouse gas emissions due to heavier packaging.

In addition to plastic packaging and the many plastic products Americans use every day, plastics—the 8th largest industry in the U.S.— supports over one million U.S. jobs and a half-trillion dollars in domestic economic value. Plastic itself is an energy-efficient material, crucial to manufacturing lightweight automobiles and airplanes, reducing fuel costs, and preventing food waste.

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