Premier Waste (UK) PLC Removes False Fire Alarms with Honeywell’s FAAST Aspiration Smoke Detector

Waste recycling facilities are some of the most challenging for fire detection systems; high dust and moisture can create frequent false fire alarms, causing unnecessary downtime. Increased fire risks demand the most accurate and reliable fire detection, ensuring there is more time to implement counter measures and limit fire damage.  A growing number of waste recycling facilities sites are choosing to implement next generation aspiration smoke detection (ASD) technologies, because of the ability to remove false fire alarms and provide the earliest and most accurate smoke detection. One of the latest sites to adopt Honeywell’s FAAST aspiration system is Premier Waste (UK) PLC, in Birmingham, UK. This 200,000 ft2 facility which recycles construction and commercial waste, including packaging, was previously experiencing false fire alarms every other day using traditional fire detection methods and wanted to implement a more stable solution to increase site safety.

Premier Waste (UK) PLC’s Operations Director, Wayne Clark, comments on the benefits of using FAAST. “Today you need to ensure you are doing all you can to exceed insurance company guidelines…With FAAST we now have no disruptions when testing and maintenance is taking place, no site downtime from false alarms or faults and no third party costs to keep the device maintained… FAAST is great because it auto-learns the environment and can be used across the whole plant – it remains stable even in fluctuating conditions.”

Tim Checketts, Business Manager for Honeywell Fire Safety, said: “Recycling and waste management safety managers have a tough remit; fire risks are high, insurance requirements are stringent and the high dust/moisture environment is problematic for most fire detectors. 24/7 operation demands enhanced fire detection reliability and no process downtime from false fire alarms. Premier Waste (UK) PLC managed to overcome all historic detection challenges, remove false alarms and achieve the highest detection accuracy, affordably, using FAAST.

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