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Rear Loader Gives Hauling Company More Bank for Its Buck

Burgess Hauling’s Quantum Rear Loader has saved not only time and maintenance costs, its efficiency also helps to keep fuel expenses low.

Burgess Hauling (Covington, GA) is an 11-year old hauling company that provides solid waste residential service in Georgia’s Covington-Newtown County. In late 2010, Burgess Hauling decided to make a switch from using a 13-yard rear loader to something that was more efficient. “My previous rear loader had slides that needed to be maintained and over a short period of time needed to be replaced, costing about $5,000. I wanted a rear loader that would not only fix this problem, but be more efficient as well,” says owner Loring Burgess.

Enter the Quantum

After about a year of looking at other options, Burgess chose to move forward with Wayne Engineering’s 10-yard Quantum Rear Loader. A leading manufacturer of chassis-mounted productivity solutions for the solid waste industry, Wayne Engineering’s (Cedar Falls, IA) Quantum Rear Loader is a high performance unit that is built to readily accept commercial container handling options as well as conventional cart tippers. A packer plate sweeps the entire tailgate for fast, complete cycling and a unique packing mechanism produces high compaction ratings and superb weight distribution.

I liked the style and the easy upkeep of it,” says Burgess. “Rather than having slides in the back of it, you’ve got spherical bearings that the sweep panel pivots on allowing it to operate a lot quicker, saving time on the route.” Working with Joel Usher, Owner of EnviroWaste Equipment, Inc., a distributor for Wayne Engineering, Burgess was able to purchase and implement the rear loader smoothly and in no time at all and, he points out that Usher was great to work with every step of the way.

Benefits and Savings

In place since November 2010, the Quantum Rear Loader has been a great benefit to Burgess and his company. Not only does it hold more waste and pack it tighter, when it comes to the natural elements and wear and tear, the loader holds up well. Previously, Burgess was taking his older rear loader into the shop for malfunctions every three weeks and put an older truck back on the route, which would cost money, but now there are no problems. He stresses, “The loader is easy to hold on the back because of a large standing platform and large grab handles, it is quicker to work with and holds weight distribution very well. Also, because it is lighter truck, I save an average of 33% on fuel and there is less wear on the tires, in turn saving additional costs.”

He continues to maintain good upkeep on it and has had no major problems since purchase. In fact, he is planning on changing his whole fleet over to Quantum Rear Loaders over time. “All in all these loaders are the better truck and the most efficient in the waste industry. I look forward to acquiring more soon.”

Says Usher, “We have been working with Burgess Hauling for nearly five years now and have rebuilt several of his 11-yard and 13-yard rear loaders that his fleet is composed of. We knew the Quantum was going to be the best option for cycle time and payload. What we didn’t expect was the fuel savings that he is getting and the difference in ride quality because of the weight distribution. As a result, Burgess is expecting to add his second Quantum 10 yard to his fleet in November 2011.”

For more information about Wayne Engineering’s Quantum Rear Loaders, call Joel Usher with EnviroWaste Equipment at (770) 944-1177 or email [email protected]