RecycleSmart Transforms Waste Management Nationwide with New Operations in Toronto

RecycleSmart, a leading provider of waste and recycling management services in Canada, announced today the opening of its Toronto office marking continued growth in the business and need for sustainable waste and recycle management services in new markets. Working with large scale commercial companies in Ontario for the past five years, RecycleSmart has leveraged data analytics to increase waste diversion.

The province of Ontario passed the Waste-Free Ontario Act in June, 2016 to encourage innovation in the recycling process, and ultimately help mitigate the effects of climate change. According to Statistics Canada, waste diversion in Ontario is currently under 20-25% for most commercial business, which means a significant loss of resources and business opportunities relating to waste management.

“We are excited to expand our operations to Toronto where we will be a part of a bigger and meaningful initiative,” said Graeme Dobinson, Managing Partner at RecycleSmart. “Alongside the government’s push to build a greener and more sustainable future for Ontario, we actively work towards this shared mission through waste and recycling management. Instead of utilizing other options that do not focus on cost or waste reduction, we help companies implement real and innovative changes to achieve a 90% waste diversion rate, which in turn helps them realize significant cost savings and increased efficiency.”

RecycleSmart is revamping the outdated trash pick-up and disposal industry by infusing smart technology with a fresh business model to create a service that fits modern standards. The result is optimized daily operations, reduced costs, and increased waste diversion for its commercial customers. One of them is Canada’s #1 mattress retailer – Sleep Country.

“We wanted to do a better job at managing our waste at our stores and distribution centers across Canada, so we partnered with RecycleSmart who offered tangible solutions that align with our goal of creating a sustainable environment for generations to come,” said Phillip Besner at Sleep Country Canada. “They are helping us streamline our waste and recycle program by cutting our operation costs while minimizing our carbon footprint. Sleep Country is the only major mattress retailer in Canada to commit to a comprehensive recycling program.”

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