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Machine vision can optimize various steps in the production process, including sorting, inspecting, supplying, and documenting items and goods. Artificial intelligence and industrial cameras play a vital role in this. However, how can companies start their automation journey when they are not yet familiar with the technology? The key – as in many cases – is to proceed step by step.

Industrial cameras are already used in a wide range of industries: from equipment, plant and mechanical engineering to medical technology, agriculture and logistics. They take on a wide range of tasks, for example in in-line quality inspections and general quality control. Linked to the production line, they check the products for deviations or defects so that those products can be sorted out before they leave the production hall. They also excel when it comes to sorting and tracking. By identifying codes, defects or other characteristics, these cameras can ensure proper sorting and handling throughout the supply chain. Compared to the human eye, machine vision systems work faster, more accurately and more reliably, as they do not miss any detail even at high cycle rates. In addition, employees can be relieved of “monotonous” sorting and inspection tasks that are mentally challenging.



AI-equipped industrial cameras for handling a wide range of materials




Industrial cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) go one step further. They open up completely new fields of application that cannot be handled by conventional image processing. While many robots do not understand their environment and can only work command-based, AI-based systems enable them to react adaptively. This capability becomes necessary, for example, when recognizing and processing highly varying organic objects. These kinds of applications are very hard to realize with traditional image processing. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, provides the necessary tools to make them feasible.

Many steps in production and logistics can be optimized based on machine vision. In particular, companies that are just at the beginning of their automation project benefit from easy-to-use cameras that they can deploy as needed. Even without a holistic automation concept, a company’s supply chain can become more efficient with such technologies. IDS Imaging Development Systems offers a wide range of cameras for this purpose, with different interfaces, sensors, housing variants and even as an all-in-one AI vision system. After all, many companies lack know-how and time to familiarize themselves with the field of AI and use the technology for their needs. To remain successful in the long term, it is advisable to start exploring the possibilities sooner rather than later.

The AI vision system IDS NXT is designed to help with this, as it can be operated quickly and easily by any user group – even without in-depth knowledge of machine learning, image processing or application programming. Customers benefit from a complete system including both cameras and software. In addition, the IDS NXT system is characterized by user-friendly workflows: it assists step by step, from the initial creation of the image to the training of the neural network and the realization of the application. IDS NXT therefore offers an excellent basis for the intelligent use of image processing.

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