The Best Diesel Repair Shops in the World are Powered by Fullbay.

Whether you’re working on service vehicles, semis, agricultural equipment, or something in between,

Fullbay can help you boost technician productivity, streamline operations, and boost revenue.





Co-Founder and CEO Jacob Findlay kept seeing the same issues when he worked in a repair shop. While other industries had made the switch to software and the cloud to help them run their businesses, diesel repair shops still leaned heavily on antiquated tracking systems and piles of paperwork. Everything took longer than it should have; techs had to combat slow authorization and paperwork that could easily go missing. Vehicles might sit in a bay for days because someone had forgotten to order a part.

There had to be a better way.



Fullbay lives in the cloud, so it’s accessible via any tablet, phone, or computer. Techs can clock in and out of jobs, and order parts right through the app. All of their notes, photos, and parts requests are secure in Fullbay, so there’s no need to scramble around for hastily scrawled notes.

Once a job is done, Fullbay converts service orders into invoices. With everything in one place and accounted for—including parts markup and labor rate—all you need to do is click a button. Your customer will receive an invoice that they can pay on the spot.

Best of all, everything that goes into Fullbay stays in Fullbay. Need to review a truck’s maintenance history? It’s there. Want to see what PM work a fleet manager has authorized or turned down in the past? It’s there. Fullbay maintains a complete record of everything you do with a vehicle, right down to who worked on it and for how long.


How many hours have you or your techs wasted playing phone tag or attempting to get work authorized? We’ll bet it’s too many. Your relationship with your customers is absolutely priceless; you need to protect it and grow it to ensure they keep returning to you. But you can lose hours and even days of valuable repair time trying to get in touch with people.



That’s why so many shops love Fullbay’s Customer Portal. It provides an open channel for customers to communicate with your shop; they can authorize work, issue payment, and even log in to see exactly how their vehicles are coming along in repair jobs or maintenance.

A happy customer is far likelier to bring their vehicles back to your shop—and far likelier to share you with their colleagues. Shops who use Fullbay report their happy customers provide some of their best word-of-mouth advertising!



Fullbay provides ongoing, free support to all of its shops. Got a question about how something works? We’re here for you. Have a suggestion to improve the app, or a feature you’d like to see? We’re listening!

Shops powered by Fullbay have direct access to a dedicated customer rep and our expanding library of classes and educational documents to help you get the most out of the app.

Fullbay is located in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, head to, or give us a call at (385) 399-0922.

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