Ryder Fuel Services, a leading provider of fuel management services for a nationwide client base, is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper entitled Automated Fuel Management Services Deliver Results And Profitability In The Waste Industry. The Waste Management industry is fraught with a multitude of daily challenges and managing a fleet’s fuel consumption is an operation requiring constant attention. As today’s fuel and transportation costs continue to be volatile, waste-industry executives understand the need to improve their fueling operations. The implementation of a Ryder Fuel Services automated fuel-management system into a waste operation is an investment in the company’s bottom line. The Ryder Fuel Services automated fuel-management system can easily provide a waste operation with an end-to-end fuel-management solution. “Centralizing the capture and storage of key fueling site information through automated processes ensures the end-user creates and maintains consistent site operations,” said Pete Cochefski, Director of Sales & Marketing for Ryder Fuel Services. “We believe the convenience and flexibility of a modern fuel management system that delivers maximized operating efficiencies and site profitability are the immediate benefits that can be realized by a waste management fleet.”

The Ryder Fuel Services system is a fully integrated service that includes compliance, remote monitoring and management of alarms, service and fuel needs. Highlights of a Ryder Fuel Services Fuel Management system are:
• Centralized management of the fueling operation
• Accurate, reliable tracking of fuel
• Elimination of manual record keeping
• Improved fuel tracking for tax purposes
• Easy allocation of fuel expenses
• Elimination of fuel theft
• Improved driver accountability

The implementation of Ryder Fuel Services centralized fuel management controls is an essential component of waste management fleet efficiency and an immediate improvement for fuel-supply system performance.

For more information or to obtain a copy, visit www.ryder.com/solutions/fuel-compliance-and-management/fuel-services.aspx.