IMS Recycling (IMSR), a CP Global company, celebrates 60 years of serving the San Diego community. The family-owned company has been contracted to process half of the city’s curbside recycling since 1998, and provides various governmental, industrial, and residential recycling services for the San Diego community, including scrap and buyback services. Since its inception in 1954, IMSR has been a leader in the recycling industry. Founded by Charles M. Davis, Jr., IMSR began as a scrapyard processing non-ferrous metals and automobiles for scrap metal.

In the early 1970’s, in response to a growing awareness for environmental concerns, IMSR conducted one of the first regional recycling campaigns in the country.  In partnership with Alcoa Aluminum, IMSR developed an aluminum can reclamation program to analyze the profit potential and environmental impact of recycling aluminum cans. As recycling aluminum cans became more widely practiced, volumes of cans coming through the scrapyard increased exponentially. Being a mechanical engineer, Davis developed the first can flattener for use in his own yard: the CP100. He honed the design and manufactured more units until he was selling can flatteners to scrapyards around the country. This success led to the establishment of CP Manufacturing in 1977. In 1998, IMS Electronics Recycling was formed as a branch of IMSR, a special division devoted to processing electronic waste.

Because of growing demand for material recovery facilities in the early 90’s, CP Manufacturing expanded its ranks to provide more comprehensive sorting solutions. In 2003, CP acquired MSS, Inc., now CP’s optical sorting division. In 2007, CP acquired Krause Manufacturing, their construction and demolition equipment division, and in 2012, Advanced MRF, Inc., CP’s controls division, was acquired. Today, these companies and brands make up the CP Group, the leader in advanced sort systems. IMSR’s material recovery facility on Boston Avenue was built by CP Manufacturing. Due to IMSR’s advanced waste management capabilities, the company has been contracted by the city of San Diego to process half of the city’s curbside recycling for the past 20 years. Matt August, VP and GM of IMS Recycling, says, “IMS is very proud of the fact that what we do is not just good for the community of San Diego but is good for the Earth. I am personally very proud to be able to help sustain the environment for future generations, and to be a part of IMS Recycling and its parent brand, CP Global.”

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