In the Spotlight: The City of Baltimore’s Department of Public Works: Collaboration and Outreach ♦ Facilities Planning and Design: Proper Planning of a Project ♦ Landfills: Addressing the Use of Native Plants in the Re-Vegetation of Landfills ♦ Safety: 5 Ways to Optimize Pedestrian Safety ♦ Structures: Preparing a Site for a Fabric Structure ♦ Strategies: A Method to the Madness: Process Improvement ♦ Waste Conversion: Bioplastics Role in the New Plastic Economy ♦ Logistics: Humans and Technology Working Together to Advance the Industry’s Standard Safety Practices ♦ Management: 7 Solutions to Bring More Business to Your Waste and Recycling Company ♦ Show Preview: ISWA World Congress & WASTECON® 2017: A Gathering From Around the World ♦ Guest Commentary: Reflections on Cuba ♦ Recycling: Mechanical Versus Aerodynamic Technologies