As an operational and financial software solution to the waste and recycling industry, Soft-Pak announces a recent partnership with Wireless Links for integrated GPS tracking and telematics solutions. The system gives customers the tools they need to gain a competitive advantage in the market place with better fleet visibility, increased productivity and management efficiency. “We are pleased to partner with such a strong forward thinking company like Soft Pak, which is a clear match with our advanced technology. This solution differentiates us in an environment that is becoming increasingly commoditized with solutions that provide standard GPS data with no back end integration for users & managers to leverage.” commented Joe Shayovitch CEO of Wireless Links. “Soft Pack represents our values and understands the benefits of building a functional integration that brings the customer immediate value.”

The Wireless Links Piccolo GPS products provide telematics solutions completely integrated with Soft Pak’s core routing and customer service solutions. The products are affordable, easy to install and display information and vehicle location right where the dispatcher or customer service individual is working from within Soft-Pak. A true value instead of looking at two separate screens or databases. This integration includes technology such as: Driver identification, Driver behavior detection & analysis, engine diagnostics and fuel consumption. The next phase of the partnership is to work on both Passive and Active RFID tags with a range of 250 feet for cost effective container and trailer tracking.

“Our partnership with Wireless Links provides us with affordable GPS and telematics information for our clients” said Brian Porter President of Soft Pak. “The seamless integration and the options provided for in cab computing is unmatched in the industry. Anybody can deploy GPS on a truck, but displaying that information in a usable manor for management and customer’s services is the real value. It has taken some time to get this right, but we now offer a nice solution for our clients.”

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