The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) announces its continued support of the annual week of recognition for garbage and recycling collection workers, starting on June 17th, to thank the men and women who work daily to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe and clean. Garbage Man Appreciation Day was initiated by John D. Arwood, president of Arwood Waste Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida, to highlight the importance of waste management professionals and offer recognition for these hard working men and women. “I started National Garbage Man Day to bring honor to a noble profession that has often been overlooked,” said Founder of National Garbage Man Day John Arwood. “My hope is to increase recognition to a global level with the support of communities around the world.” As we take this week to recognize and thank collection workers for their hard work, we should keep in mind that the federal government has identified refuse and recyclable material collectors as the fifth most dangerous and deadly job in America. “The drivers and helpers who collect the 250 million tons of waste and recyclables that Americans generate each year, deserve our respect and appreciation,” stated SWANA Executive Director and CEO David Biderman. He added, “Customers can help keep them safe by driving slowly when passing a stopped truck and by not putting potentially dangerous materials such as pool chemicals and needles into the trash.” SWANA suggests that Americans show their appreciation to their waste collector by extending a wave and a simple, “Thank you!” Have children use recycled paper to color and create a card, offer a cold bottle of water, or consider giving a small gift card to a local eatery. Most importantly, when driving near collection workers, remember to “Slow Down to Get Around!” It’s for your safety and others.

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