Texas Disposal Systems (TDS), a leading resource management company that helps customers manage and divert waste to beneficial uses, today announced the launch of its Eco Academy program for students in Central Texas. The TDS Eco Academy is a program that educates K-12 students about trash, recycling and composting options in their schools and everyday life.

The program was designed to teach the next generation the importance of minimizing waste and equip students with the tools needed to lead green lifestyles. TDS works with more than 336 schools to implement campus-wide recycling, plus compostables collection in cafeterias. The company has been working with Central Texas schools for 13 years to incorporate recycling and composting education, but is expanding and formalizing the process to include a curriculum, supplemental materials, and more. As part of the Eco Academy program, TDS provides curriculum and educational materials to staff and administrators, as well as students, instructing them how to recycle and divert waste, and why it’s important.

“TDS is committed to educating the communities it serves to raise broader public awareness about the importance of minimizing waste,” said Bob Gregory, co-owner, president and CEO of TDS. “We are excited to introduce Eco Academy and expand our partnership with students and teachers in Central Texas.

Along with a formal curriculum, the TDS Eco Academy program also includes educational videos, classroom signage and other collateral, to make learning fun and enable real world application. Each school’s participation is documented and diversion data is made available on the Eco Academy website. With these reports, students and schools can see firsthand how their actions are affecting positive change.

“We’re excited and honored to bring the TDS Eco Academy program to our district,” said Odom Elementary School Principal Sondra McWilliams. “We share TDS’ passion for educating our students on how to live healthy lifestyles and improve the environment, and look forward to making a difference in our community.”

TDS is launching the Eco Academy program today at an event at Odom Elementary.

Learn more about the TDS Eco Academy and how to get involved at www.ecoacademy.org. For more information, visit www.TexasDisposal.com.