UNCW Recycling received a 2024 Carolina Recycling Association (CRA) Award for expanding its foam recycling program. The CRA Award acknowledges outstanding and innovative technology that contributes to waste reduction in the Carolinas. It recognizes work that has successfully addressed the current challenges of the recycling industry, as well as programs, education or events that demonstrate creativity in promoting or increasing recycling. The award also acknowledges individuals who have shown leadership and made significant contributions to recycling.

“We are excited to receive a 2024 CRA Award and proud to continue to diligently search to expand the items we accept for recycling,” said Amelia Woodruff, recycling coordinator. “We love that we can now recycle the EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam that was previously a contaminant. It is important to remember that recycling these materials only treats the symptoms of the disease that is mass production and over consumption. It is vital that we treat the cause by avoiding single-use plastics and seeking greater producer responsibility.”

To read the full story, visit https://uncw.edu/news/2024/07/uncw-recycling-receives-carolina-recycling-association-award.
Author: Tatiana Bell, UNCW
Image: Michael Spencer, UNCW