A father said he was terrified to learn his daughter had suddenly collapsed in the middle of the street. What happened during her time of need is a story he said he has to share. “I’m not big on coincidences,” said Tom Blanton.

Blanton said Monday started with the usual routine for his daughter, Kelly Plummer. “She has two Alaskan Malamutes,” Blanton said. “Every morning, she takes them out for a walk.”

Plummer only made it three houses down Clarksville’s Sandpiper Drive when she stopped and collapsed on the street.

“She had pneumonia,” Blanton said. “She basically just ran out of air which brought on cardiac arrest. She had no breath. Her heart had stopped beating.”

Lying with her two dogs around her, Plummer wasn’t alone for long.

“There’s guardian angels walking around among us,” Blanton said. “Monday morning, Kelly’s guardian angel came around the corner driving a great big ole trash truck wearing cover-alls.”

“She wasn’t moving,” said Ray Davidson, a sanitation worker with Waste Industries who found Plummer on the street. “She wasn’t breathing.

“I proceeded to call 911,” Davidson continued. “The dispatch lady, she asked me if I knew CPR. I said I had an idea. It was definitely a ‘have to act now.'”

“He just says, ‘Lady, you’re not going to die today. I won’t permit it,'” Blanton said. “He kept blood flowing to her brain, her vital organs. CPR, the emergency room doctors told us, is why she’s alive today.”

“Her face was red, then it turned purple,” Davidson said. “This lady had no one else to help her. I had to. It was a good thing I was there. For a good six minutes, nobody came outside. It was just me and her.”

Emergency crews arrived and Plummer was later taken to Saint Thomas West. Blanton said his daughter is now moving, talking and doing great.

“I’m not a hero,” Davidson said. “I was just there at the right place at the right time.”

To read the full story, visit http://www.kptv.com/story/35614408/woman-collapses-on-street-sanitation-worker-renders-life-saving-cpr?autostart=true.