December 2013

In this issue: Peoria Disposal Company: Transitioning from Waste Disposal to Waste Materials Management • Fleet Management: Dispelling Common Fleet Management Technology Myths • Software: Benefits of Electronic Billing • Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Collection Route Optimization and Implementation Plan • Trailers: Choosing the Best Transfer Trailer Design to Meet Your Needs • Workplace Dynamics: The Garbageman’s Guide: Improve Your ROI By Tossing Out the Trash • Waste-By-Rail: Planning Your Transportation Management Process • Recycling: An Analysis of the U.S. CRT ‘Glass Tsunami’ Recycling Challenge • Recycling: From Handling Raw Material to Partnering with an Electronics Recycler: Taking Multiple Steps to Ensure the Quality of the Environment • Landfills: Public Health, Safety and the Environment

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november2013November 2013

In this issue: In the Spotlight: Empire Disposal • Tire Pressure Maintenance • Improve Operational Efficiency • Lighter Aluminum Wheels • EREF Wrap-up • Waste Haulers Beware • Waste-by-Rail: Tank Car Mileage Equalization • Five Ws of Recycling • The Many Uses of Recycled Rubber • Landfills: Seven Useful Tools in Gull Management

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october2013October 2013

In this issue: In the Spotlight: New Hanover County Landfill: Turning Its Surrounding Environment Into Its Greatest Asset • Containers: Container Management Logistics •  Insurance Issues: Becoming Best in Class Takes More than Talk • Waste-by-Rail: Learning from Catastrophe •  Workplace Dynamics: The Garbageman’s Guide: Managing a Multi-Generational Workplace •  Fleet Management Case Study: Veolia Environmental Services Sees Dramatic Improvement in CSA Score with Zonar’s Fleet  Management System • Landfill Liners: Smooth and Textured Polyethylene Geomembranes • Recycling: The Efficiency of Pyrolysis •   Landfills:  Mowing Vegetative Cover on a Closed Landfill Slope •  Recycling Case Study: Bin There, Done That: The Future of Increased Diversion is in the “Clear” Bag

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september2013September 2013

In this Issue: In the Spotlight: Sue’s Recycling and Sanitation: Two Decades of Expanding Business and Reducing Waste • Truck Equipment: Creating a Safer Waste Truck Environment • Safety: The Cold, Hard Fact • Finance: How to Manage Your Finance Provider • Management: Important Steps to Make Your Company More Profitable • Waste-by-Rail Railcar Handling at Loading and Unloading Facilities • Workplace Dynamics: The Garbageman’s Guide: Having Difficult Conversations • Q&A Navigating the Litigation Process • Recycling Steel Recycling 101: An Introduction to the  Importance of the Industry • Odor Control Odor Control Chemicals: Not All Chemicals are the Same • Recycling Smoke Alarms: Best Practices for an Environmentally Sensitive Device • Recycling:  Third of Three Parts- Best Practices for Pay-As-You-Throw—  Implementation

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august2013August 2013

In this issue: In the Spotlight Nicholas County Landfill • Compliance Issues: Improving Your Bottom Line with Tax Filling Efficiencies • Green is the New Black • Keep Waste Where it Belongs: Storage Solutions for Solid Waste Companies • Using Readily Biodegradable Fluids in Waste Applications to Deliver Performance and Sustainability • Basic Locomotive Safety Measures • 19 Considerations When Buying a Shredder • Biogeochemical Clogging Part 2 • Pay-as-You-Throw Part 2 • Pre-Shredding and  Wind Sifting

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july2013July 2013

In this issue: In the Spotlight SA Recycling: Recycling Redefined • Safety: An Ongoing Issue • Don’t Waste the Opportunity to Prevent Backover Accidents • Empower Your Change Drivers: Strategies for Engaging Employees in Safety Culture Improvement • Material Handling Equipment: The Anatomy of a Waste Handler • Workplace Dynamics: The Garbageman’s Guide: Letting the Inner Garbargeman Take the Wheel • Emergency PlanningThree Steps to Help Ensure that Your Emergency Plan Will Not Fail • Maintenance Case Study: Driven by Data • Waste by Rail: Railcar Supply: Planning for the Future

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june2013June 2013

In this issue: In the Spotlight: Blue Diamond Disposal: The Greenest Company in New Jersey is Blue • Truck Parts: Reducing Temperatures in Your Drum Brakes • Scales: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Avoiding • Containers: Benefits of an Effective Container Cover • Waste-By-Rail: Taking the Plunge: The Next Steps to Waste-By-Rail • Solid Waste Management: Are you the One? • Legislation: E-Scrap Legislation By State • Landfills: Landfill Gas Firing in Industrial Burners • Recycling: Sustainability and Electronics: A Global Issue that Starts on a Community Level

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may2013May 2013

In this issue: Demo Diva: Building a Business from Disaster • Trucks: Engineering Your Trash Truck • Truck Equipment: Seeing Is Believing: Tips for Evaluating Roll-off Container Hoist Systems • Safety: Do You Have the Right Fall Protection Plan? • Tires: Advantageous Aspects of Using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System • Insurance Issues: Alternative Risk Management, Not a Fit for Everyone • Finance: Seven Trends that are Changing the Face of the Refuse and Recycling Industry • Safety: Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens to Employees in the Waste Industry • Waste-By-Rail: Maintaining Railcars • The Role of GPS in the Modern Landfill • Beware!: How 10 Dangerous Materials Are Recycled • Compost Facility Detailed Design and Construction • Attaining LEED Certification For Solid Waste Facilities

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april2013April 2013

In this issue: Gilbert, AZ Environmental Services Division: Refining the Business • Scales: Best Practices for Truck Scale Owners • Legal Issues: The Distracted Driver Law: What Does it Mean to You? • Reinforcing Safety with an Electronic Message Board Program •Waste-By-Rail: A Review of the Rail Industry and Its Impact on Waste Transportation • Recycling Program Gets Even Greener for the City of Seymore • Features of an Effective Landfill Cover • Getting the Community to Advocate for Your Company • Effective Methods to Process Organic Waste • Rainbow Environmental Services Aims for Zero

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march2013March 2013

In this issue: The Perdido Landfill: Continuing to Evolve • Choosing the Right Unit for Waste Transportation • Fleet Management: Keep Waste Management Assets Rolling At Peak Efficiency • The Right Fit: Finding the Correct Gloves for Your Application • Waste-by-Rail: Idaho Waste Systems: Examining the Value Propositions • Trends Affecting Landfill Gas Energy in the United States • Compactors: Seven Essential Features to Consider When Choosing a Landfill Compactor • Composting: First of Two Parts: Evaluating the Viability of Developing a Composting Facility


feb2013February 2013

In this issue: Jonesborough, TN’s Solid Waste Disposal Department • Software: Best Features You Should Look for in Routing and Mapping • Fuel Management: How Waste Fleets Can Maximize Fuel Savings While Adopting CNG • Strategies/Planning: Winning Approval for the Toughest Projects • Californians are Ready for Conversion Technologies • Waste-by-Rail • RFID: HID Global’s RFID Technology Provides Effective Solutions for International Waste Management Company AMCS Group • Landfills: Bio-Engineering Solutions, Defending Landfills of Gas Impacts to Neighboring Properties

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jan2013January 2013

In this issue: New York City Department of Sanitation’s Burea of Motor Equiment • Determining the Time for Tarp Replacement • Optimizing Work Truck Performance with Biobased Hydraulic Fluids • Maintaining Your Power Take-Off Part • Waste-by-Rail Market Assessment • WASTE CONVERSION TRENDS: Waste Digestion and Composting • Biogas 101 • Much Ado About Scale • Sustainability in an Urban Environment through Anaerobic Digestion • Landfills: Entering Confined Spaces • Recycling: Organics Diversion • Public Education: Listening to the Community

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