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Waste & Recycling Expo Canada (CWRE) stands as a cornerstone event in the area of waste management, recycling, and public works, offering a comprehensive platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and innovate. With the overarching theme of “Smarter by Design,” the exhibition serves as a platform for exploring cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and emerging trends aimed at revolutionizing waste management in Canada.

The 2024 edition of the event highlights the integration of new technologies, international collaboration, evolving sustainability trends, policy developments, and the pivotal role of electric refuse vehicles and automation in driving efficiency and environmental stewardship.


A New Era of Innovation
As the demand for sustainable waste management solutions continues to escalate, Waste & Recycling Expo Canada emerges as a pivotal event for showcasing and fostering innovation within the industry. The focus surrounding the tradeshow and conference underscores the need to integrate intelligence, efficiency, and sustainability into every facet of waste management practices. From advanced sorting technologies to data-driven analytics, the exhibition serves as a hub for unveiling the latest innovations aimed at optimizing resource recovery, minimizing environmental impact, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Continuing to highlight the innovations occurring across our industry, CWRE is bringing them to the forefront through the Innovation Awards. A celebration of the products introduced by the exhibiting companies. These cutting-edge advancements will be the focus across the show floor on a continuous video stream.

  • Best New Application and Product
  • Best New Technology for Sustainability
  • Best New Technology for Automation



International Collaboration:
One of the distinguishing features of the Waste & Recycling Expo Canada is its role as an international platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. With participation from a diverse array of exhibitors, speakers and delegates from around the globe, the exhibition facilitates cross-border dialogue, best practice sharing, and the exploration of global trends in waste management and recycling. Visitors will connect with others from as far as China and Italy to those as close as the United States. International exhibitors bring forth a wealth of expertise, showcasing innovative technologies and solutions that have been successfully implemented in other parts of the world, thereby encouraging a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Knowledge Exchange from Current and Future Trends:
The education program at Waste & Recycling Expo Canada serves as a barometer for tracking evolving sustainability trends, from the adoption of eco-friendly packaging materials to the latest updates in software and the implementation of zero-waste initiatives in businesses and municipalities. Against the backdrop of mounting environmental concerns and the importance to transition towards a circular economy, sustainability remains at the forefront of discussions and initiatives within the waste management sector. In tandem with these initiatives, policy developments also play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of the industry. The 2024 edition will host a full day of conference programming on November 5th, prior to the exhibit hall opening on November 6th, providing visitors the opportunity to learn from thought leaders, policymakers and subject matter experts as they discuss some of the most pivotal advancements and shed light on the current global economic state and its effects across industries. While the full session details and speaker lineup will be released in late June, access to secure your seat is currently available and can be purchased through online registration, open now.

Cooperatively, there will also be educational sessions on the show floor featuring a line-up of complimentary presentations and discussions surrounding practical case studies and solutions to a variety of operational challenges, along with the analysis of new advancements hitting the market.

Both the CWRE Conference and the Show Floor Education Stage sessions will focus on placing information and insight into the hands of industry professionals to help move their businesses forward. Engaging presentations addressing automation, technology, robotics, adapting to new business models and other dynamic topics designed to engage and inform will be available across all days of the event.



Pioneering Products take Center Stage:
CWRE will showcase the latest advancements across more than 17 product categories. Discover a plethora of products including new composting systems, storage containers and updated GPS software to electric vehicle technology, from all-electric garbage trucks to battery-powered sweepers and collection vehicles. In addition, the exhibition will touch on automation and how it is revolutionizing waste management operations, offering unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Automated solutions ranging from robotic sorting systems to AI-powered waste analytics platforms will be featured across the event.

Canada’s ONLY trade event serving the waste, recycling and public works markets, will open its doors, November 5 – 7, 2024 at The International Centre in Toronto. The exhibition encompasses the industry’s collective commitment to the waste management community through its elevation of new technologies, global diversity, evolving trends and comprehensive education.

Registration is open and early bird pricing won’t last long. We look forward to seeing you.

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