deccover2014December 2014 

In this issue: The City of Juneau, AK Waste Management Department: Staying ahead of the game • Landfills: Landfill Post-Closure and Past Post-Closure Care Funding Overview of Issues • Composting:  Rural and Suburban Composting- Practices and Tools •  Waste Conversion:  Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion- Contamination sources and Effects • Leachate Management: Building a Secure Future for a Growing Revenue Source • Organics:  Next Steps to a Sustainable Waste Management System- Redefining the Recovery of Mixed Organics • Trash Treasures: JDog Junk Removal-Building a Hauling Business Aimed at Giving Veterans a Career Opportunity • Landfill Case Study: High Prices and Tight Availability

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November 2014

November 2014 Digital IssueIn this issue:  Glenmore Landfill: Exemplifying Environmental Responsibility • Fleet Management: Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking in the Waste Management Industry • Screening and Separating Does Size Matter: What Your Material Composition May Not Be Telling You • Waste Management: Are Unmanned Systems the Future of Waste Management • Event Wrap Up: The EREF Fall Classic & Networking Event: EREF Makes History in Pinehurst • Landfills: A Collection and Removal System For Water in the Final Cover Drainage Layer • Fleet Management: Best Practices in Waste Fleet Management • Equipment Case Study: The City of Cape Girardeau Gets and Equipment Facelift to Help With its Automated Transition

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October 2014 Digital IssueOctober 2014

In this issue: Green Stream Recycling: Changing the Recycling Process on Long Island • RFID: Incorporating RFID Technology into Your Waste and Recycling Operations •Recycling: Managing the Waste and Recycling Supply Chain • Event Wrap-Up: WASTECON® Texas Brings Together Professionals from Across the Industry •Extended Producer Responsibility: EPR in California and Beyond • Organic Recycling: Processing Meat and Bone Meal for Feed • Hydraulics Case Study Garbage Pick-up is No Longer a Dirty Job: Emission Reductions with Hydraulic Hybrid Drive Systems

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SEPT2014coverSeptember 2014

In this issue: ABC Waste of Savannah: Building the Company from the Ground Up• Financing/Leasing Financing Equipment—To Buy or Lease?• Waste Conversion: Transforming the Way Gases are Used and Managed • Landfills : LFG Energy: Latest Trends and Future Drivers • Shredders : Mobile Versus Stationary Shredders • Landfill GPS: Landfill GPS Revisited:  Save Now, Earn Later • Records Management Case Study: Trashing Paper to Improve Recycling

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AUG2014August 2014

In this issue: The City of Chicago’s Department of Streets and Sanitation: Paving the Way Through Innovation • Fuel Management: New Trends In Automated Fuel Systems Help Waste Fleets Find Reliability, Efficiency • Tires: When Should You Remove a Truck Tire from Service? • Carts/Containers: The Secrets to Effective Cart Branding • Siting and Design: LEED v4 Requirements to Bolster Recycling Industry • Training/Certification: The ROI of ASE • Composting: Dispelling the Myths of Composting • Containers: Building A Custom Container To Your Requirements • Landfills: Formulation for Sensitivity Analysis to Optimize Design of Pipe and Base Slopes in Landfills • Waste Diversion: Deadly Hexavalent Chromium in Soil • RFID Case Study: Zonar Data Integration Helps City of Sacramento Fleet Ops Achieve Dramatic Shop Productivity Improvements

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july2014July 2014

In this issue: TFC Recycling: Going the Extra Mile • Waste Conversion Anaerobic Digestion—What Are the Economics? •Waste Handling Equipment Waste Handling Success: Not Optional •Event Highlight Grab Your Cowboy Hat—WASTECON® 2014 is Coming! •Recycling The Evolution of Municipal Collection Systems for High Diversion Performance •Trucks Case Study Building a Long-Term Fleet Standardization Strategy

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june2014June 2014

In this issue: City of Indianapolis, IN Department of Public Works: Moving to Automation ● Fuel Management Using Technology to Harness, Control, and Reduce ● Software On Technology for Your People ● Maintenance: Cleaner Air, Reliable Vehicle Operation ● Recycling The Benefits of Recycling and Reusing Fly Ash ● Waste Diversion Is Waste Going to be Our Apocalypse Without a Noah’s Ark to Save Us? ● Guest Commentary Safety Awareness While On the Job ● Waste-By-Rail Who is Responsible for Demurrage? ● Containers Case Study The Secret to Longer Container Life

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may2014May 2014:

In the Spotlight: The City of Columbus, OH Fleet Management Division: Maintaining the Best Fleet Operation in North America ● Waste Transportation: Taking Your Transportation to the Next Level ● Insurance Issues: So You’re Best in Class, Now What? ● Scales: Truck Scales ● Owners’ Best Practices in the Recycling and Solid Waste Industry ● CNG Trends: CNG-Powered Vehicles Continue to Take Root Across North America ● Event Wrap-Up: Garbageman’s Invitational: Networking, Golf and Fun in the Sun ● Buildings Case Study: Waste Not ● Waste-By-Rail: Locomotive Sizing for Industrial Operations ● CNG Case Study: Trash Talk of Real Value

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  april2014April 2014:

Dekalb County, GA’s Sanitation Division: The Gold Standard ● Safety: World-Class Safety at Post-Collection Facilities ● Maintenance: Transforming Fleet Maintenance Operations ● Landfills: Combusting Landfill Gas: Addressing Neighbors’ Health-Concerns ● Scales: Refuse Scales 101 ● Cleanup: Industrial, Commercial Absorbents in Waste Applications ● Public Relations: When It Comes to Community Engagement—Not All Bourbons Are Whiskey ● MRFs: MRF Best Practices ● Workplace Dynamics: Blind Spots: How to Stop Backing Into the Unknown ● Waste-By-Rail: Transferring Railcar Ownership ● Structures Case Study: ClearSpan Has Waste and Recycling Covered—Literally

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march2014March 2014:

California Refuse Recycling Council: Advocating for the Next Generation of Solid Waste Legislation ● Food Waste Recycling: The Next Frontier ● Web-Based Cart Management: Overcoming Technology Barrier Myths ● Update on Federal Air and GHG Regulations Affecting Landfills ●Dumpster Liners: Prolonging a Container’s Life ● Everyone Wins with Market Based EPR Recycling Programs for Packaging ● The Garbageman’s Invitational: Golfing for a Cause ● Rail Networks Where They Go and How they Operate ● Turning Trash into Fashion ● One Good Change Yields Great Results for All

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feb2014February 2014:

The City of Albuquerque, NM’s Solid Waste Management Department: Growing By Leaps and Bounds● Scales: Vehicle Scales Improve Service, Increase Profit ● Safety: Fire Prevention and Suppression Best Practices ● Recycling: Recycling Auto Shredder Residue ● Waste Management: The Rise of the Machines ● Recycling Case Study: Oceanside, CA and Cigarette Pollution Solutions Team Up to “Butt Out” Cigarette Waste ● Waste-by-Rail: Guide for Railroads ● Guest Commentary: Exploring the Economics of Recycling

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jan2014January 2014:

The City of Columbia, MO’s Solid Waste Utility: At the Cutting Edge of Waste and Recycling • Trucks: Minimizing the Cost of Downtime • Safety: Developing Effective Safety Steering Teams • Container Maintenance: Roll-off Container Preservation • Training: Solid Waste Equipment  Operator Safety Training Process • Workplace Dynamics: Getting Vs. Getting Rid Of • Waste By Rail: Customizing Your Locomotive Operator Certification Program • Landfills: In the Dead of Winter, The Little Solar Pump That Could

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