dec2015December 2015

In this issue: La Crosse County Landfill: Changing Public Perception • Composting: First of Two Parts:There is No Need to Turn the Compost Pile When Using the Aerated Static Pile Method • Insurance Issues: The Importance of Evaluating Value-Added Components for Your Insurance Policy • Recycling: When is Waste Not Waste? • Regulations: Newly Proposed EPA Rules Signal the Need for Nationwide Hazardous Waste Compliance Plans for Pharmaceutical Industry • Insurance Issues: Take Advantage of Your Insurance Carrier, They Want You To • Fuel Management: Lack of Compliance for a Fleet’s Fueling Process Can Be Costly • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: The Importance of Risk • Vintage History Corner: Battle for the Streets of New York in the 1970s • International Case Study L’ Arca del Maresme Purchases Two N-Series Hybrid Li-On Power Rear Loading Waste Collection Vehicles from Geesinknorba Spain

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nov2015COVERNovember 2015

In this issue: Hillsborough County’s Solid Waste Management Division: A Game Changer • MRFs: Best Practices: Material Resource Facilities • Regulations: Changes Proposed to NSPS and EG Rules for Landfills • Food Waste: How Contamination and Lack of Data Are Hindering The Food Waste Revolution • C&D Safety: Preventing Jobsite Injuries • Waste Conversion: The Benefits of Gasification • Event Wrap-Up: The 2015 Fall Classic and Networking Event: EREF Makes History on the Green • Trash Treasures: Boy Scouts Camp at a Landfill • Management: Focus on the Process: Understanding the Steps of a Successful Sale • Roll-Off Trucks Case Study: Micro Roll-Off Containers Reduces Downtime and Stress with a Long-Term Rental Program • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: You’ve Got To Earn It • Recycling Case Study: From Waste to Wealth • Vintage History Corner: The Gar Wood LP-500 Series Rear Loader

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OCT2015October 2015

In this issue:  Countrywide Recycling:  Continually Striving for Better Efficiency and Diversion Rates • Smart Fleets: The Future of the Waste and Recycling Industry • Are You Ready for These Five Types of Emergency Response Events? • Is the Intelligent Bin in the Future for Commercial Haulers? • Phase II EPA Emission Regulations for Refuse Haulers Tough, But Tech Advances Help • Is Your Solid Waste Infrastructure at Risk from Hurricanes or Flood Events? • How to Improve Your Bottom Line • Selling Your Business is a Team Sport • Wastecon 2015’s Theme of “Inventing the Future of Solid Waste Management” Focuses on Industry Transitions, Safety Changes, and Innovative Solutions • Amrep Inc. • Anatomy of a Fuel and Service Trailer • Carolina Waste & Recycling Depends on Mack Trucks for its Recycling and Waste Management Operation in the South Carolina Low Country

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september2015 (1)September 2015

In this issue: Republic Services: Respectful, Responsible, Reliable, Resourceful, Relentless • Balers: Emerging Trends in Processing Recyclables and MSW • Training: Your Improvement Efforts Begin With Benchmarking • Landfills: Biogas Cleaning and Conditioning: A Requirement for Optimal Operation of CHP Systems • Disaster Planning: Preparing Waste and Recycling Companies for a Disaster • Management: What’s It Worth to You? • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer •Vintage History Corner: Examining the Top Pack Front Loader •Recycling Case Study: Reusing What Was Usable

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Aug2015August 2015

In this issue: King County, WA’s Solid Waste Division: Collaboration and Innovation • Facilities Planning and Design: Municipal Solid Waste Projects and the Design-Build Process • Containers/Carts: 5 Myths About Trash and Recycling Carts • Special Focus: Safety: Enhanced Safety With Rear Eject Technology • Bringing Together The Best In Fleet Safety • Trends In Gas Detection Equipment

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JULY2015July 2015

In this issue: Martin Environmental Services: Setting the Standard in Service • Landfills:  Landfilling, Waste to Energy, Recycling and Hazardous Waste • GPS: Cut Costs and Streamline Processes with GPS Fleet Tracking • Show Preview: WASTECON® 2015: Get Ready to Invent the Future in Orlando • Traffic Management: First of Two Parts- King County, Washington Applies Computer-Controlled Automated Traffic Management Technology at a New Solid • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: On a Mission • Trash Treasures: Gift of Life International: Saving Lives One Child at a Time • Compactors Case Study: Geesinknorba Spain Supplies Fleet of 28 Kiggen Portable Compactors to the Municipality of Tias on the Island of Lanzarote

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JUNE2015June 2015

In this issue: Action Carting Environmental Services: A Visionary Leader • Organic Recycling One Word: Organics • Ten Things You are Doing Wrong with Waste • Five Steps to Financing Natural Gas Equipment in the Refuse Industry • For Utilities, MSW Landfills Provide A Safe Harbor from the EPA’s New CCR Rule • Tipping Floor Repair and Maintenance • Heavy Duty Lifting in Waste Management Goes Green with Benefits to the Environment and Bottom Line • Developing a Financing Plan for Fleet Expansion • Beyond the Edge: Key Benefits to Recycled Rubber Cutting Edges • Converting Biosolids to Organic Fertilizer Using Redworms • From 0 to 180: Transforming Guam’s Solid Waste Management System from the Ground Up • The Worst Thing That Can Happen at a Landfill • Under Cover Compost

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may2015COVERMay 2015

In this issue: C&S Waste Solutions: Building a Business Based on Family, Friendship and Trust • What’s Ahead for Solid Waste Management? • See How You Stack Up: Using SAFER Data to Manage Your Company’s Reputation • The Benefits of Metal Separation • The New Landscape in Controlling Fugitive Odors and Dust • Steps To Effective Rim Flange Maintenance •Seven Key Questions to Ask Before the 2015 GHS Deadline • Protecting Your Treasure: Is Your Waste Business Effectively Insured? • Republic’s State-of-the-Art Processing Center: Expanding Recycling Across Southern Nevada • The Second Worst Thing That Can Happen at a Landfill • Greener Grads: A National Sustainability Initiative Aimed at Keeping Graduation Gowns Out of Landfills • Maintenance Case Study: Modern Disposal Services Maintenance Team: Improving their Productivity

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April 2015apl2015cover

In this issue: Eagle Waste & Recycling: Thinking Outside the Box • Myths of GPS Fleet Tracking • Fuel Management Services Offer Waste Fleets Immediate Accountability, Oversight • Mechanical Biological Treatment Concept for Material and Energy Recovery from Mixed MSW • Reducing Food Waste with Sustainable Choices • Metal Vs. Plastic Dumpsters: Upgrading Your Organic Waste Bins • How Waste and Recycling Fleets Benefit from GPS Tracking Technology • Waste Reduction and Diversion: A Crucial Business Strategy • EPR: The Next Tsunami to Hit North America’s Solid Waste Management? • Engaging Residents in an Attention Deficit World • Dangers in the Dumpster • Taking Your Work  Home • Precision Gas Flow Measurement Helps Turn Landfills Into Green Electric Power Generators

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MARCH2015March 2015

In this issue: RethinkWaste: Transforming the Face of Solid Waste and Recycling • Trucks:How to Minimize Hydraulic System Contamination • Fluids: Bio-based Lubricants: An Environmental Solution for Refuse Hauling •  TruckBodies: The Benefits of Going Custom • Standards/Regulations: Rule Revisions Encourage Facilities to Waste Not, Want Not • Compactors From Start to Finish: Finding Your Perfect Compactor Match • Event Highlight- Garbageman’s Invitational: A Vehicle for Change •  Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: Reflex Reactions • Truck Equipment Case Study- Reliability, Adjustability and Efficiency: Upgrading a Tarper System Leads to a More Successful Operation

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Feb2015coverFebruary 2015

In this issue: The City of Santa Monica’s Resource Recovery and Recycling Division: Setting the Gold Standard • Shredders: Best Practices and Considerations: Waste Shredders • Scales: Why Are Waste Operations Installing On-Board Scales? • Second of Two Parts- Public Outreach: More Cost Savings Than Cost Center • Standards and Regulations: The Challenges of Labeling for OSHA’s Revised Hazard Communication Standard • Scales: Your Friendly Neighborhood Trash Collector: Best Weight Practices for Creating and Living Up To a Good Reputation • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: Are You a Landfill Engineer? • Automation: Residential Automated Collection Makes Sense for Idaho Falls • Trash Treasures- The Plastic Bank: Turning Plastic Waste into Cash Value

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jan2015January 2015

In this issue: Gallegos Sanitation: 55 Years of Quality Service and Innovation • Alternative Fuels: CNG Rising: What You Need to Know About the New Dominant Refuse Fleet Fuel • 2014: Year in Review • Landfills: Conserving Water While Controlling Dust • Odor Control: Cabin Air Filters Can Protect Drivers And Enhance Air Quality • Public Outreach: It’s More Science Than Art • Sustainability: Strengthening Internal Support for Sustainability • Landfills: Formulation for Sensitivity Analysis to Optimize Design of Pipe and Base Slopes in Landfills with a Double-Segment Herringbone Pattern • Containers: Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Underground Waste Containers • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer •Trash Treasures: Closed Loop Fund: An Alternative Funding Resource

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