December 2021

In the Spotlight: N. Tassielli Disposal: Building a Successful Team • Oils/Lubricants: Don’t Neglect the Role of Lubricants in Driving Sustainability for Fleets • Second of Two Parts Waste in 2050: The Evolving Waste Stream • Trucks: A Bridge Solution: The Electric Hybrid System • Oils/Lubricants: Used Oil Analysis: Reading Into the Results • Software Trends: On the Road to Tomorrow’s Transport Management System • Waste Conversion: Waste-to-Energy Technology Can Help the U.S. Curb Harmful Methane • Landfill Design: How to Lead in Landfill Design • Alternative Fuels: Keeping the Nation Moving • Waste Management Resources: De-risking Multi-Vendor Procurement for Smart City Services • Guest Commentary: Changing the Way We Do Business: Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Qualified Trades in Local Government for the 21st Century • Safety Brief: Prepare for the Flood • Maintenance: Fuel Economy Retention: Just What Does It Mean? • HHW Corner: Second of Two Parts Equity in HHW: Addressing Program Inequities

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November 2021

In the Spotlight : Fairfax County, VA’s Solid Waste Management Program: Sustainable Success • A Look Ahead: First of Two parts: Waste in 2050 • Facilities Planning and Design: Building a Successful MRF • Industry Trends: The Solid Waste Industry in the Post-Pandemic World • Personnel: How to Become a Company Where People Want to Work • Scales: When to Combine Scale Hardware and Software in an RFP • Business Growth: Profitability Tips for a Successful Solid Waste Hauling Business • Arms and Lifters: The Ups and Downs of Industrial Lifters • Software: Tools for Visual Impact Assessments at Solid Waste Facilities • Waste Diversion/Reuse: A Better Way to the Office of Tomorrow • Sustainability: Embracing Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Creates Opportunities for the Bottom Line—and Worker Safety • Management: Learning to Listen: Using VoC to Build Brand Loyalty • Maintenance: How to Take Action Effectively  Before Critical Equipment Fails • HHW Corner: First of Two Parts Equity in HHW: Realizing the Issue

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October 2021

In the Driver’s Seat: COVID’s Big Reveal: Driver Shortages Must Be Solved with Automation • Personnel: The Future of Waste Management and Strategies to Prepare Your Workforce • Management: The Power of the Partnership • Risk Management Study: Re-Engineering High Risk Job Tasks in Sanitation • Odor Control: The Odor Management Space Needs Innovation: Here is Why • Software: Dumpster Software Buying Guide • Solar Recycling : The Impact of Solar Waste on Clean Energy • Landfills: New Mobile Landfill Data Collection Tools Help Stakeholders Make Quicker Decisions • Containers/Carts: Getting Your Dumpster “Curbside” • Guest Commentary: American Waste Control: Rising to the Challenge • Safety Brief: Safety in the Construction Zone • Maintenance: Electrical System Maintenance, Repair and Maximizing Fleet Uptime • HHW Corner: Luminary Interview: Debbie Raphael—Connection Between HHW and Climate Change

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September 2021

In this issue: Spotlight: Larson Waste: A Family Legacy • Software: Overcoming Data Challenges in the Face of Increasing Demand • MRFs: MRF Design: The Right and Wrong Place for Ballistic Separators • Buildings and Shelters: Retrofits Versus New Construction • Computer Systems: The Internet of Things (IoT): Making Waste Collection Part of a Smarter Future • Zero Waste Management: 6 Steps to Build a Feedback System for Zero Waste Campaign Tracking • Landfills: Why You Should Consider Including Encapsulated Mechanically Stabilized Earthen (eMSE) Berms in Landfill Expansions • Event Preview: Join Us as We Welcome Back WASTECON®!  • Second of Two Parts: Innovation in Batch-Type Waste Tire Pyrolysis Technology • Automation Case Study: Integrating Advanced Waste Handling Processes  • HHW Corner: Second of Two Parts Developing Sustainable Household Hazardous Waste Programs

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August 2021

In this issue: Trucks: Is Automated Refuse Collection a Panacea? • Financing: What You Should Know About Refinancing Equipment • Trucks: Navigating Unstable Ground • Facilities Planning and Design: How to Attract and Retain Good Service Technicians • Recycling: Contamination Issues: Improving Your Facility Results • Waste Treatment: First of Two Parts Innovation in Batch-Type Waste Tire Pyrolysis Technology • Waste Conversion: Boosting Best Practices in the Water Sector • Software Case Study: Putting the Puzzle Together: Modernizing a Dumpster Operation Through Software • Safety Brief: Fix it Now…for Safety’s Sake • HHW Corner: First of Two Parts Developing Sustainable Household Hazardous Waste Programs

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July 2021

In this issue: In the Spotlight: Trash & Stash: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Business Opportunity • Telematics: Wasted Time and Money: How Telematics Can
Flip the Script in this Business-Breaking Narrative • Truck Equipment : Cable Loaders Versus Hook Loaders: A Closer Look at This Important Equipment •
Recycling: Plastics Recycling Technologies: Update on a Revolution • Industry Trends: The Status of COVID-19 and Plastic Waste in Los Angeles and What is Needed to Move Towards a Circular Plastic Economy • E-Waste Management: The Dangers of Not Knowing: Recycling Batteries and Light Bulbs • Scales: Mechatronic On-Board Weighing Systems • Planning and Analysis: Collaborating for Solid Waste Disposal • Training: Why Augmented Reality? Making a Value-Added Case for AR Training • E-Waste Management: Properly Implementing Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling • Fleet Management Case Study:The Reality of the Connected Truck and Competition • Maintenance: Do Not Skip Haul Road Maintenance • From the Experts: Proper Specifications and Standards • Safety Brief: Safety and the Heavy Lift • HHW Corner: Swimming in Our Toxic Soup

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June 2021

In this issue: In the Spotlight: ecomaine: Striving for Excellence • Telematics: Adopting Next Generation Telematics: “COVID-19 and Beyond” • Insurance Issues: The “New Normal” – Insurance Version • Facilities Planning and Design: Managing Risk for Your Next Construction Project • Mergers and Acquisitions: Understanding EBITDA and Normalizing Adjustments When Selling a Business • Scrap Recycling: Scrap Metal Recycling with XRF: Best Practices for Alloy Sorting and Processing • Food Waste Management: Choosing the Best Solution for the Disposal of Your Food Waste • Leachates: Evaluating Potential Leachate and Landfill Gas Impacts to Groundwater at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills • E-Waste: The Rise of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Impacts to the Recycling Industry • Industry Resources: The National Association for PET Container Resources: Focusing on the Future • Trash Treasures: Waste Pro Garbage Truck Museum: A Unique Visit to the Past • Maintenance: Commercial Automobile Insurance Rates: The Importance of Pre-and Post-Trip Inspections • From the Experts: Making the Transition back to “Normal” • HHW Corner: Second of Two Parts Should our Community have a Permanent HHW Collection Facility?

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May 2021

In this issue: Miller Environmental Group: Stronger than Ever • Business and Communication Tools • A Four Step Journey to Create a High-Performance
Work Team at Your Site • Compactors: Which Compactor is Right for Your Operation? • Tarping Systems: Safety First: Creating a Better Work Environment • Personal Protective Equipment • Heat-Related Illness: Knowledge Saves Lives • Business and Communication Tools: Security for Peanuts • Scales: Should Scales and Software Be Combined When Issuing an RFP? • Strategic Planning: Increasing Efficiency and Sustainability in Citizen’s Convenience Centers • Material Handlers: Purpose-built Waste Handlers Offer Multiple Ways to Upgrade Your Fleet • Buildings and Shelters: A Clean Design Slate • Shredders: Safely, Efficiently, and Profitably Recycling Li-ion Batteries • Leachate Case Study: Cogeneration Solution for Evaporating Landfill Leachate • Trucks Case Study: DTG Recycle: Turning Debris into Useable Products with Peterbilts from PacLease • Maintenance: Being Green While You Clean • From the Experts: Acceleration to Automation • Safety Brief: Storm Preparation and Safety • HHW Corner: First of Two Parts Should our Community have a Permanent HHW Collection Facility?

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April 2021

In this issue: Clean Earth: Reimagining a Legacy • Automation/Robotics: Embracing New Technologies but Only Scratching the Surface • Trucks: 11 Fundamentals for Purchasing Trucks • Leasing/Financing: 5 Questions You Need to Ask to Unlock Capital and Growth in 2021 • Planning and Analysis: Planning for Uncertainty in Solid Waste Agencies • Robotics: 10 Tips for Adding AI Robotics to Your Sorting Operation • Landfill Equipment: How to Inspect Equipment Components and Avoid Costly Surprises • Waste Conversion: A Promising Future: Establishing a Materials Recovery and Energy Plan in North America • Waste Diversion Case Study: Landfill Trips Canceled During Expedia Group’s Headquarters Move • Alternative Fuels Case Study: Expanding the CNG Fleet • From the Experts: The Work-Life Balance • Maintenance: Tired of Using Zoom? Virtual Maintenance Training Using Augmented Reality • Safety Brief: Safety in Every Language • HHW Corner: Second of Two Parts Luminary Interview: Scott Cassel

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March 2021

In this issue: In the Spotlight: Outagamie County, WI Recycling & Solid Waste: Working Together Towards Efficient Waste and Recycling Management • Sorting Equipment: Revolutionizing the MRF: Three Methods of Positive Sorting to Benefit Any Operation • Trucks: How Used Trucks Can Maximize Your Company’s EBITDA and Valuation • Compliance and Regulations: Waste Hauler Violations that DOT Inspectors Find During Inspections and Audits • Tires: Savings in the Casings • PFAS: PFAS-Impacted Groundwater an Emerging Issue for Landfills: Solving the Challenge with a New Approach • Trucks: Hooklift Versus Cable Hoist Design• Screening/Separating: Choosing the Right Trommel Screens for Processing Organic Green Waste • MRFs: How Does Continuous Customer Feedback Improve MRF Profitability? • Circular Economy: How to Adopt Circular Resource Models for a more Sustainable Supply Chain PFAS: Wisconsin Takes Proactive Approach to PFAS Regulation• Fiction/Short Story: Dumped • Safety Brief : Safety at Drop-Off Events • HHW Corner: First of Two PartsLuminary Interview: Scott Cassel

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FEB-2021February 2021

In this issue: In the Spotlight : A to B Hauling: Connecting with the Community • Industry Trends: 2020 Year in Review: Industry Resilience in a Time of Unique Challenges • Carts/Containers: Solutions for Every Stream • Landfill Management: Important Tips for Successful Landfill Management • Carts/Containers: 10 Ways Lid Locks Improve Waste Carts and Service • Shredders: Knives Out: Shredding Paper, Fiber, Textiles,  Carpet and Mattresses to Size in Single Pass • Landfill Equipment: What’ll You Have? How About a Scotch and Solar • Containers/Carts Locks
Securing the Waste Stream: How Automatic Locks Emerged as an Essential Solution in an Ever-Changing Industry • Landfill Personnel: Four Tips for Hiring the Best Landfill Wheel Loader Operators • Roll-Offs: Steel or Aluminum Arms for Your Roll-Off Tarping System? • Landfill Systems: How GNSS/GPS Technology Helps to Maximize Value and Minimize Risk in Landfills • Guest Commentary: A Retrospective Look at 2020 and Forecasts for 2021 • Software Case Study: A Pandemic and 28 Percent Revenue Growth • Perspectives: Waste Management Practices in Developing Countries • Maintenance: Transforming Your Remote Training Process with Augmented Reality • HHW Corner: Managing Small Consumer Batteries – Part 2

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January 2021

In this issue: 4G Recycling, Inc.: Building on a Family Legacy • Composting: Best Practices in Managing Compost Facility Design and Operations are the Keys to Success • Fleet Management: Regular Maintenance Helps to Protect Your Investment in Refuse Vehicles and Keeps Trucks Running Smoothly for a Longer Period of Time • Facilities Planning and Design: Transforming an Existing Property into Your New Facility • Waste Management: Properly Disposing of Personal Protective Equipment • Fleet Management: Hone Equipment Lifecycle Cost Management Programs to Improve the Bottom Line • Waste Transportation : Why Inspecting Rail Equipment is Not Just for Railroads: “Boots on the Ground” • Fuel Management: Bundled Fuel Management: The Revolutionary Way for Fleet Managers to Purchase an Automated Fuel Management System • Trucks: Predictive and Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your Fleet on the Road • Buildings and Shelters: Increasing Jobsite Efficiency with Structural Solutions Tailored to Waste and Recycling Facilities • Material Handler Case Study: A Purpose-Built Solution for Increasing Yard Capacity at Action Metals

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