Jan-2021January 2021

In this issue: 4G Recycling, Inc.: Building on a Family Legacy • Composting: Best Practices in Managing Compost Facility Design and Operations are the Keys to Success • Fleet Management: Regular Maintenance Helps to Protect Your Investment in Refuse Vehicles and Keeps Trucks Running Smoothly for a Longer Period of Time • Facilities Planning and Design: Transforming an Existing Property into Your New Facility • Waste Management: Properly Disposing of Personal Protective Equipment • Fleet Management: Hone Equipment Lifecycle Cost Management Programs to Improve the Bottom Line • Waste Transportation : Why Inspecting Rail Equipment is Not Just for Railroads: “Boots on the Ground” • Fuel Management: Bundled Fuel Management: The Revolutionary Way for Fleet Managers to Purchase an Automated Fuel Management System • Trucks: Predictive and Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your Fleet on the Road • Buildings and Shelters: Increasing Jobsite Efficiency with Structural Solutions Tailored to Waste and Recycling Facilities • Material Handler Case Study: A Purpose-Built Solution for Increasing Yard Capacity at Action Metals

January 2021