May 2022

In the Spotlight: Allegiant Stadium: Building a Robust Sustainability Program• Facilities Planning and Design: Managing MRF Design, Construction, and Operations Amid Inflation and Labor Shortages • Security Risk Issues: Cyber Liability: The Threat is Just one Click Away • Current Trends: A Chat with David Biderman, Executive Director and CEO of SWANA • Financing: Getting Your Financial House in Order • Personnel: 5 Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining a MRF Workforce: 2022 Edition • Fire Mitigation: Leading the Change from ‘Water, Water, Water’ to Early Detection And Active Response • Software: Making the Case for a Smart Fleet Management System • Compliance and Regulations: Streamline Your Safety and Compliance Program by Going Digital • Trucks: Predicting the Long Game for Class 8 Trucks: Vocational Truck Manufacturers Answer the Call for Alternative Fuels
• Composting… 5 Reasons to Add a Compact Articulated Loader to Your Composting Facility’s Operation • Insurance Issues: Risk Financing 101 • PFAS Management: Second of Two Parts: Evaluating PFAS Solutions • Lubricants: High Oil and Gas Prices? Tips to Save Money, Time and Increase the Life of Your Equipment • Software: What does Environmental, Social, Government and
Urban Growth Mean for Waste Operators? • Industry Game Changers: Waste & Recycling Workers Week • Inventory Management: Empowering Your Supplies • Safety Brief: Onboarding with Safety • Maintenance: The Importance of Horizontal Grinder Preventative Maintenance • HHW Corner: Local Benefits of Extended Producer Responsibility

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April 2022

In the Spotlight: Brannon Industrial Group: BIG Impact • Industry Trends: The Solid Waste Industry’s Approach to the CDL Operator Shortage • Automation/Robotics: Sustainably Improving and Scaling the Recovery of Recyclables with AI and Data • PFAS: First of Two Parts PFAS Management: What to Know Before You Do It • Waste Diversion/Reuse: Mattress Recycling Research Exploring New Uses for Old Mattress Materials • Planning and Analysis: Does a Transfer Station Make Sense for Your Community? • Front Loaders/Side Loaders/Rear Loaders: Why the Time is Right to Go Battery-Electric • Software: The Route Way to Fuel Efficiency: Best Practices for Designing Solid Waste Routes • PFAS: Enhanced Natural Attenuation: A Sustainable Solution to Manage PFAS in Groundwater at Landfills • Software: Why You Should Consider Deploying Artificial Intelligence in Your Recycling and Waste Operations • Landfill Liners and Daily Covers Alternative Daily Covers: Best Practices for Landfill Odor Management • Investing in Fully Automated Robot Waste Sorting Plants • Event Wrap-Up: SWANA’s New Spring Technical Conference was a Huge Success • Safety Brief: Special Edition A Focus on Fuel • Maintenance: That Rainy Day Fund: Why Your Shop Needs One and 7 Ways to Contribute • HHW Corner: Modern Extended Producer Responsibility in the U.S.

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March 2022

In the Spotlight: DTG Recycle: Expanding its Roots • Industry Trends: 2022 Battery Recycling Trends: Powering a Sustainable Battery Recycling Ecosystem • Containers: Dewatering Containers: An Investment In the Environment • Industry Trends: The Supply Chain: A New Look for a New Era • Compliance : Three Challenges of Compliance Technology that Organizations Face • E-Waste Management : How Asset Recovery Software Can Help IT and Telecoms Asset Recovery Companies • Containers/Carts: Four Ways Today’s Trash Cans Are Not Created Equally • Business Strategies: Best Practice of Websites • Software Case Study: Capturing New Opportunities • Event Preview: SOAR 2022: Sustainability, Operations, Action and Resources • Separators Case Study: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Plastic Waste and SRF Recovery • Safety: Where the Rubber Meets the Road • Maintenance: The Truck, the Tech and the Triage: A Quick Guide • HHW Corner: Second of Two Parts Interview with Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director of the National Stewardship Action Council

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February 2022

In the Spotlight: Atlas Organics: Composting Titans • Industry Trends: 2021 Year in Review: Pushing Forward • Shredders/Grinders: Finding Your Perfect Fit—Simplify Your Operation with the Right Grinding and Supporting Equipment • Telematics/Personnel: The Driver Debrief: How to Master this Key Process with Data Driven Insights from Telematics and Driver Feedback • Business Strategies: Accounts Receivable: Managing Your Money • Telematics/Safety: Safety Innovations Guiding the Waste Industry through Tumultuous Times • Transfer Station Equipment: Best Practices for Transfer Station Machine Selection and Operator Efficiencies • Telematics/Sustainability:The Key to Sustainability and Cost-Savings: Using Telematics for Fuel Efficiency • Landfills: SEM at Penetrations: The 10-Day Compliance Race • Guest Commentary: What’s Ahead in 2022 for the Custom Fleet Vehicle Industry • Collection Case Study:
Leaf Burrito®: A Viable New Option to Successfully Implement Yard Waste Collection in Charlotte, NC • Safety Brief: Fire Prevention and Pre-Planning • HHW Corner: First of Two Parts Luminary Interview: Heidi Sanborn

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January 2022

Business and Communication Tools: What Does Business Intelligence Mean for the Waste and Recycling Industry? • Composting: Optimizing the Screen on Your Horizontal Grinder • Business Strategies: Understanding Price Increases: A Customer’s Need for Service • Landfills Study: Reactive Well and Slurry Plug Arrays for Groundwater Remediation • Personnel: Refocusing on Driver Recruitment and Retention • Business and Communication Tools: Online Strategies to Grow Your Hauling Business • Odor Control: Rebuilding Trust within a Community • Guest Commentary: The Year in Waste: What’s Next? • Structures Case Study: Recycling Facilities Evolve with Advancements in Scale House Offerings • From the Experts: Developing Maintaining Lasting Relationships • Safety Brief: Safety in Snow and Ice • Maintenance: A Better Way to Reduce DPF Clogging • HHW Corner: Third of Three Parts Equity in HHW: Systematic Equity Programming

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