December 2023

Electric Vehicles: Infrastructure, Incentives, and Safety Among the Considerations in Transitioning to Electric Refuse Collection • Oils/Lubricants: Optimizing Your Lubricant Technical Expertise • Sustainability: How Biotechnology is Pioneering More Sustainable Waste Management Practices • Perspectives: Looking Back at 2023 • Composting: Why Government Support for Composting Programs is Essential to Growth • Education/Training: Understanding the Importance of Training • Management: Embracing a Fully Integrated Payments Solution • Conveyors: The Ultimate Showdown in Recycling: Belt Conveyors vs. Screw Conveyors • Circular Economy: Leveraging the Past to Secure Our Future • Industry Trends: Leveling Up Your Waste and Recycling for 2024: The Top Trends You Need to Know • Guest Commentary: From Bystander to Upstander: The Power of Collective Effort in Ensuring Community Safety • Organics Case Study: Future-Proofed: How Digital-Enabled Solid Waste Departments Were Prepared for Organics Legislation Years Ahead • Safety Brief: Understanding Ergonomics to Advance Safety • Maintenance: Why Oil Analysis Should be Part of a Vehicle Maintenance Program • Business Strategies: The Competitive Advantage: Crafting An Edge for Your Waste Company • NAHMMA Corner: The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: 38th Annual Conference Recap

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November 2023

In the Spotlight: Miami County, OH Solid Waste District: Focusing on Diversion • Training: Effective Coaching: How Managers Can Put Drivers in a Winning Position • Fire Mitigation: A Burning Concern: Minimizing • Risks and Ensuring Safety: In the Evolving Waste Sector • Management/Personnel: Second Chance Hiring: Creating Business Opportunity and Changing Lives • Industry Trends: Glass Recycling: Partnerships, Investments, and Transparency  Strengthen Glass Recycling  • Landfill Equipment: Keep Your Landfill Tipper in Tip Top Shape • Trucks: What’s the Big Deal with Regenerative Braking? • Conveyors: Making the Most of Your Conveyor System • PFAS: How to Help Landfills Comply with Impending Regulation of PFAS in Leachate • Community Outreach: Best Practices for Creating Zero Waste Communities •  Composting: Innovations in Composting Technology: Reducing Footprint and Increasing Efficiency • Education/Training: Education and Outreach Program at the West TN Regional Recycling Hub  • Guest Commentary: Waste to X Campuses: Reimagining the Value of Waste • Safety Brief: The Safe Collection of Food Waste • Maintenance: Electric Equipment Charging And Maintenance • Business Strategies: Leveraging the Sales Process through Marketing • NAHMMA Corner: The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: Growing Through Affiliations

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October 2023

In the Spotlight: Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery: An Essential Partner • Management : How to Increase the Strategic Significance of your Business • Waste Conversion: Waste and Recycling Pelleting: Best Practices and Potential Pitfalls • Recycling Equipment: How to Plan and Execute a Successful Retrofit • Compliance and Regulations: Meeting Evolving Air Quality Regulations and Permit Requirements For Composting Facilities • Business Communications: Hang Up on Call Center Costs and Answer the Call of Automation • Industry Trends: End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Changing End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Regulations in the Americas • Waste Conversion: Why You Should Consider Covered Aerated Static Pile Technology for Your Composting Facility • Safety: Ergonomics Helps Prevent Ladder Falls in the Vehicle Maintenance Shop • Glass Recycling Equipment: Waste Glass Recycling: A Circular Solution • Risk Mitigation: Leveraging Telematics for Risk Mitigation in Waste Management Fleet Operations • Recycling Equipment: To Rent or Purchase Your Recycling Equipment: Determining What is Best for Your Business • Guest Commentary: Waste Conversion for Green Energy: North America’s Path to a Sustainable Future • PFAS Case Study: Treating PFAS in the Toughest U.S. Leachates •  Safety Culture: Your Path to Successful Occupational Health and Safety Management • Maintenance: Trailer Maintenance Tips • Business Strategies: How You Can Help Buyers of Secondary Raw Materials • NAHMMA Corner: The Region of Peel, ON: Strategies For Curbside Battery Collection

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September 2023

In the Spotlight: City of Cambridge, MA Department of Public Works: On the Right Track • MRFs: Keys to Building a Successful MRF: Before, During, and After
Waste Transportation/Logistics: Redefining Fleet Efficiency in the Waste and Recycling Industry • Landfill Gas Management: Optimizing Condensate Sump Sizing for Efficient Landfill Gas Management: Identifying Key Design Criteria • Industry Trends: The Growing Clarion Call of Concern About Lithium-Ion Battery Disposal • Software: Steps to Seamlessly Implement Add-Ons to Existing Software • Cranes and Grapples: 6 Crucial Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Grapple Loader • PFAS: PFAS in Landfills: Charting a Path Forward for Waste Management Professionals • Fleet Management: Fleet Tracking and How Waste Fleets Can Benefit • Waste Transportation: Improve Landfill Safety and Efficiency with Moving Floor Systems • Organics Recycling: Determining When and How to Tackle Your Organics Recycling Program • Waste Management Logistics Revolutionizing Waste Management Logistics: The Role of Advanced Technologies • Circular Economy: How Retailers Can Close the Waste Loop • Software: Embracing Data-Driven Efficiency: Transforming Waste Management Operations for a Sustainable Future • Odor Control: Forecasting at the Landfill • Event Preview: Leading the Way at WASTECON® 2023 • Guest Commentary: Jurisdictions Seek The Help Of Organics Recyclers to Comply With SB 1383 Procurement • Safety: Onboard AI Solutions are Helping Drive Safety Forward • Maintenance: Maximize Uptime with Innovative Maintenance Approaches • Business Strategies: Waste Management:  The Importance of Having a Lead Generation Process

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August 2023

Cranes and Grapples : Lift Your Productivity • Truck Parts: The Road to Success Begins with a Well-considered Aftermarket Program • Insurance Trends: Insurance Heartburn • Screening Equipment: Selecting Screen Media for Recycled Materials • Automation: The Future of Waste Sorting on Campus: AI Smart Bins • Landfill Compactors: What is the Right Combination of Equipment to Meet a Landfill’s Density Goals? • Supply Chains: Strategies for Overcoming Today’s Obstacles to Achieve a Circular Supply Chain • Grinders: Select Grinder Tips Based on Application • Tires: The Most Impactful Piece of Equipment for Waste Fleets • Insurance Issues: Waste Truck Insurance Renewal: How to Increase your Odds of Getting the Best Policy Rates • Compliance Strategies : Four Ways Technology Can Help with New Solid Waste Rules • Fuel Management: Surging Forward with a Solution • Industry Resources: The Waste Industry Historical Society Museum: Preserving the Waste and Recycling Industry’s Past, Present, and Future • Safety Brief : A Driver’s Guide for Vehicle Inspections • Maintenance: Vibrating Screen Maintenance 101 • Best Practices to Sell Secondary Raw Materials • NAHMMA Corner: Dangerous Goods Packaging: Corrugated Alternatives and Damaged Battery Packaging

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July 2023

In the Spotlight: City of San Antonio, TX Solid Waste Management Department: Dedicated Teamwork • Leasing and Financing… Best Practices for Waste Equipment Acquisition and Financing • Scrap Handling Equipment: A Comprehensive Guide to Investing in the Right Scrap Handling Magnet • Route Management: Reducing Missed Collections: What We See Working • E-Waste : Sensor-Based Sorting Technologies for E-Waste Facilities • Hooklifts: Waste Haulers and Recyclers: 9 Smart Reasons to Hook on with Hooklifts • Fleet Management: Right Sizing Your Fleet • Scrap Metal Processing: Moving Metal Scrap: 3 Ways to Reduce Conveyance Downtime • Dust Control: Adding Intelligence to Dust Collector Systems Improves Performance and Lowers Operating Costs • Telematics: How Telematics Can Help Save You Time and Money • Odor Control Case Study: No Wasted Effort: MSW Terminal Controls Dust and Odor • Safety Brief: Hurricane on the Horizon: Storm  • Preparation 2023 • Maintenance: Overhauling Haul Road Maintenance • Business Strategies: Waste Management Companies: How to Tell Your Climate Change Story • NAHMMA Corner: NAHMMA Member Spotlights on the City of Tempe and Town of Gilbert, AZ

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June 2023

In the Spotlight: Sunnking: Responsible Recycling • Trucks: Things to Consider When Using a Hydrogen • Fuel Delivery System on Your Refuse Truck • Management: Understanding the Employee Retention Credit for Waste and Recycling Companies • EPR: Making EPR Work • Food Waste Management: Considerations for Implementing a Curbside Food Waste Collection Program • Trucks: Navigating the CARB Prebuy for Truck Procurement • Containers: Getting to the Bottom of Container Repair • Waste Diversion/Reuse: From Tree Waste to Locally Source Material • Landfill Post-Closure: A Renewable Approach to Custodial Care • Compliance and Regulations: New Requirements in Effect for Metal Recycling and Shredding Facilities Operating in California’s South Coast Air Basin • Guest Commentary: Collaboration is the Key to Achieving the Circular Economy • Waste Characterization: The Ins and Outs of Waste Characterization • Perspectives : Sustainable Cities Are Forging the Path Toward a Circular Future • Sustainability Case Study: Dividing the Work Multiplies the Success • Maintenance: Maximizing Efficiency Through Your Fleets’ Tires • Business Strategies: How to Launch a Waste Management  • Business Based on Secondary Raw Materials • NAHMMA Corner: The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: Join Us at Our 38th Annual Conference in Tempe, AZ

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May 2023

Advocacy: Developing Infrastructure: The Case for Advocacy and Outreach • Trucks: Sign of the Times: Making the Move to Electric • Recycling Trends: Rebuilding Faith in Recycling • Safety First: How Telematics and Dash Cams Can Increase Safety in Waste Management • Facilities Planning and Design: Pitfalls to Watch Out for When Designing a Recycling Facility/MRF • Automation: Tackling Film Contamination with AI and Automation • Shredders/Grinders: 5 Horizontal Grinder Wear Parts to Inspect Regularly • Industry Game Changers: Ellen Voie: A Trailblazing Leader • Fire Mitigation: Maximizing Fire Detection in Waste Facilities with Effective Sensor Selection and Placement • Leachate Management: Treating PFAS in Leachate • Waste Management: Digitalization of Waste Removal Processes • Labor Issues: The Competitive Employment Market • Perspectives: David Biderman: The Next Chapter • Shredders/Grinders: Turning Waste into Profit • PFAS Received by Landfills Now in the Regulatory Crosshairs • Contamination Issues: Addressing Contamination with Technology—Before Materials Make it to the MRF • Truck Equipment Case Study: In it for the Long Haul • A Look at 2023: Moving Forward at American Waste Control • Waste Conversion Case Study: The 40 Million Ton Problem Gold Mine • Safety : How Much Money Should I be Spending on Gloves? • Maintenance: Using Lubricants for Engine Protection • Urban Mining: Transforming Your Waste Management Company into the Largest Seller of Precious Materials • NAHMMA Corner: Handling Very Small Quantity Generator’s Waste and How to Assist Larger Generators

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April 2023

In the Spotlight: SBC Waste Solutions: A Winning Team • Business Management: Data Reporting and Visualization in Waste and Recycling • Transfer Stations: Transfer Station Repair and Maintenance: Trickier than You Might Think! • Landfill Liners and Daily Covers: Seeking Value in an Alternative Daily Cover • Business Communications: Managing Your Day-to-Day Operations • Buildings and Shelters: Factors To Consider While Custom-Designing Your Fabric Structure • Landfill Safety: Improving Safety at the Landfill Active Working Face • Business Communications: Looking to Sell Your Waste Business One Day? Invest in Software • Dust Control: Tips for Water Tank Safety and Efficiency • Odor Control Case Study: Centralizing the Process of Community Odor Concerns • Guest Commentary: Here for the Long Haul: Waste Pro Celebrates 22 Years of Service • Planning and Analysis Case Study: Solid Waste Rate Analysis: Lessons Learned from Recent Rate Setting • Safety Brief: Backing Up Requires Attention • Maintenance: 6 Steps to Maximize Horizontal Grinder Efficiency • Business Strategies: How to Use Marketing to Increase Your Waste Collection Profitability • NAHMMA Corner: Networking in a Post Pandemic World

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March 2023

In the Spotlight: Hoffman Sanitation: Exponential Growth • Oils/Lubricants: Lubricants that Deliver in Tough Conditions • Waste and Recycling Buildings: The Top 3 Reasons to Choose a High-Performance Rubber Door for A Waste Transfer Station • Scales: Exploring the Use of Hydraulic Truck Scales for Your Weighing Operations • Buildings and Shelters: Naturally Built to Suit • Sorting Systems: Metal Sorting 101 • Wheel Loaders: Loading Up on Technology • Waste Conversion: Advanced, Completely Dry Multipollutant Emission Control in the Exhaust of Biomass and Waste-Fueled Gasification, Pyrolyzing, and Boiler Applications • Separators: Four Tips to Select Effective Screen Media for Your Operation • Recycling Equipment: Rent vs. Buy: Which Offers the Best ROI? • Event Preview: SOAR 2023: Technical Solutions for Resource Management • Guest Commentary: Reflecting on 2022: Becoming Part of the Solution • Safety: Technology Solutions that Promote Workplace Safety for Female CDL Drivers • Maintenance: Understanding the Importance of Flexibility in Maintenance and Including ADAS In Your Winterization Plan • Business Strategies: Hazardous and Critical Waste: A Marketing Strategy • NAHMMA Corner: Establishing Operations

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February 2023

In the Spotlight: OC Waste & Recycling: From Waste Disposal to Resource Management • Industry Trends: 2022 Year in Review: Shaping the Future of the Industry • Industry Trends: Perspectives: Labor/Staffing Issues • Industry Trends: Perspectives: The EPR Landscape • Management: Mitigating the Effects of Inflation and the Supply Chain on Solid Waste Contracting • Compliance Issues: It is Time to Get your Permits Organized • Landfill Design: Evaluating a New Landfill Site or Expanding to an Additional Cell: A Conversation • Fuel Management: Fueled Up and Ready for Anything • Waste Diversion/Reuse: Innovators: repurposedMATERIALS Gives Unwanted Material a Second Life • Leasing/Financing: The Impact of Credit Card Fees on Waste Management and Utility Services • Guest Commentary : Small Hauler/Recycler Perspective on Compliance with California SB 1383 Organics Recycling Law • Safety Brief: Heads Up for Safety • Maintenance: How to Properly Maintain Your Baler • Business Strategies: Knowing Your Customer Can Help with Your Marketing Strategy • NAHMMA Corner: The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: 2022 Recap and Looking Ahead in 2022

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January 2023

In the Spotlight WIN WASTE: Investing in Innovation • Fleet Management: Doing More with Less: Minimizing the Impact of Labor Shortages in the Waste Industry • Computer Systems:  Deploying Digital Innovation in Recycling: Key Operational Considerations • Route Optimization: Route Planning and Optimization: How Do You Get Started? • Composting: Creating Flow at Your Composting Facility • PFAS: Sustainable PFAS Treatment for Impacted Groundwater at Landfills Now Possible • Smart Technologies: Addressing Safety Issues with Technology to  Protect Workers and Communities • MRFs: Modernizing the MRF • Leasing/Financing: Best Practices for Financing and Leasing When Rates are Rising • Scrap Recycling: Radioactive Recycling Headaches • Data Tracking: The ESG Reporting Landscape • Compliance Issues: Save Time on Your OSHA Reporting in 2023 • Safety: Committed to Safety:  How to Build a Great Safety Program • Maintenance: Back to Basics: Fuel Strategies • Business Strategies: Common Marketing Mistakes in Waste Management • NAHMMA Corner: Doing Your Homework Before Building or Reviving Your HHW Collection Facility

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