Truck Treasures

A 1965 Mack Truck Is Given a New Life

Chris Lee, owner of Chris Lee Roll-off Service, Inc. (Easton, MD), talks about his treasure he found by luck.

What is the year of vehicle?: 1965

What is the Make and Model?: Mack Truck B-57

Why were you excited about finding this truck?: Definitely, my hobby is rebuilding tractors, cars and trucks and I was looking for a B model Mack that had long enough wheel base to make a roll-off. I was on the Internet one day and came across this B-57 for sale. I was excited because this particular model was only made for two years and as a result only 281 models were built. In fact the last B model made was a B-57. I never thought I would actually find one. The previous owner had found it in the woods, cut off trees to move it, pull started it, and drove it 30 minutes to his home in Indiana about 2 years before I bought it. In fact, in the years since I bought it, I’ve only ever seen one other like it.

What have you done specifically to restore it?: I have rebuilt, replaced, or restored everything on it from top to bottom. The wheel base, originally a tri-drive (three axles that pull the truck), was the length I was looking for; however, I did end up updating that part of the truck so it would be more road worthy. It now has a 237 maxidyne engine and a 13 speed double over drive transmission. This truck has undergone a complete restoration for the last eight years so it started with zero miles on its new life as a roll-off. It was a big undertaking to get it looking the way it does now and, as a result is very roadworthy.

What was its original use and how is it used currently?: Its original life was a concrete truck in Indiana and then it was used as a dump truck at the same plant. I made it into a roll-off and now it is currently being used as a roll-off truck for our business as advertisement, goes to shows, parades etc.

What shows does the truck go to?: It has been to a variety of trucking shows on the east coast, such as the All-Truck Nationals in Carlisle, PA, Macungie, PA Truck Show, Transport for Christ in Lebanon, PA, All Mack Show in Lititz, PA, Miracle Children’s Network Show in Buck, PA, and many local shows. It has won several 1st place at shows this year since it was completed in 2010.

What has been done to maintain its great condition?: It is kept inside and not driven in inclement weather.

What are your next plans for this truck? Shows, trips, etc.?: Winchester, VA Truck Show in September, All Mack Show in Lititz, PA in October and other local shows before the end of Fall.

Are you looking for other similar trucks to rebuild and use as well? Not at this time. This was a big project and I am not ready to do another one, just maintain this one.