Held from December 5 – 8 in San Diego, CA, WASTECON® 2022 will offer exhibits, networking, learning opportunities, and more.

Leaders in the waste management industry face exceptional challenges as they deal with a fast-changing industry. Rapid innovation, regulation, environmental imperatives, evolving stakeholder expectations, and trust in government are just some of the challenges. And it all comes at a time of increasing budget pressures, manpower shortages, and a generational change in leadership.

That is why WASTECON® has been reimagined with a laser-focus on these issues from a leadership perspective. And we have added an extensive and integrated agenda of career and personal development, leadership skill-building, as well as team building programs.

WASTECON® 2022 is where you can learn to better serve your stakeholders, improve your organization and operations, and enrich your own career and those of team members. Here is just some of what you can expect at WASTECON® 2022.


Connect: Meet in person to connect with other leaders and innovators in the waste management industry. Share ideas for responding to the changes impacting us today and into the future. You will be building your network as you build your career.

Learn and Be Inspired: Share in the packed agenda addressing the waste management industry’s hottest topics. Keynotes will feature speakers across a range of topics that are vital in waste management today.

Leadership and Team Building: In addition to informative and inspiring keynote presentations, we have added hands-on Leadership Intensives for teams wanting to tackle specific challenges.
Focused summit sessions will dive into the particulars of key operational issues:
• Emerging Future Leaders – Set to Transform the Waste Industry
• Make an Impact Through Storytelling
• Sustainability Assessment of Disposal Options
• From Invisible to Noteworthy
• Vision Statements: A New Tool to Make Your Message Memorable
• When Landfills Save the Day! Open Mic


Insider Exclusive Tours: The offsite tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at locations in and around San Diego that have a unique bend to their waste management processes or facilities. They
include targeted educational innovative leadership experiences, plenty of Q&A time, and networking.
• San Diego Zoo Sustainability Tour: Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the zoo’s waste collection and waste diversion programs.
• Miramar Landfill Tour: Join City of San Diego staff for a behind-the-scenes peek at how a large landfill operates.
• MRF Summit Tour: CP Group Manufacturing Facilities Tour: Hosted by CP Manufacturing.
• Otay Landfill Tour: Learn more about the Otay Landfill, which has been providing responsible waste disposal since the 1960s.

Innovative Exhibits in the Convention Center: Products and services from hundreds of companies will be presented in the San Diego Convention Center exhibition hall for the duration of our program. We will also have special exhibits outside along the marina. You will be able to see what’s new and enjoy demonstrations in the areas of collection, processing, marketing and management of compost, recyclables and solid waste.

Included in every WASTECON® conference registration are:
SWANA-ISRI MRF Summit which focuses on the latest technologies, financial issues, and operations related to the fast-growing area of materials recovery
SWANA Safety Summit which focuses on improving health and safety throughout the solid waste industry. This track of sessions will explore pressing collection and post-collection safety issues

Looking to Future Leaders and Career Development: Our focus through every aspect of the conference and program is on practical ideas and best practices that can transform disruption into opportunity—with a strong element of leadership, team and career development. You will bring back ideas that are ready to put into action in your organization.

More than that, you will be building your own leadership skills, those of the next generation of leadership, and of every member of your team who attends. Mentoring happens at every level at WASTECON®, from our formal programs to informal ad hoc connections that you form in the various events. With change as a constant in our industry, the program is designed to provide skills necessary to lead with resiliency, retain talent, integrate new ideas, and constantly grow skills.

If you are a leader in waste management, you need to be at WASTECON® 2022 in San Diego, CA, December 5 – 8. SWANA’s signature Executive Leadership Summit is a can’t-miss conference with opportunities to hear the latest on hot topics, engage with hands-on learning, and connect with other leaders. In this time of radical change in the industry, WASTECON® is where you can learn to better serve your stakeholders, improve your organization and operations, and enrich your own career and those of team members! | WA

For more information, visit https://wastecon.org.