Two of the world’s most trusted tire fill brands – ArncoPathway and Zeus Tyre Fill – have formally consolidated as Accella Tire Fill Systems, a subsidiary of Accella Performance Materials, a leading manufacturer of polyurethane systems and recycled rubber products. Accella purchased both entities and transitioned operations to the new nomenclature in January of this year. Accella Tire Fill Systems is now the industry’s expert go-to-source for polyurethane tire fill for OEMs, aftermarket tire dealers, and global distributors – delivering superior product performance, along with an industry–leading choice of tire productivity technologies that customers worldwide have come to expect.

ArncoPathway (the result of a 2013 merger between market leaders Arnco and Pathway Polymers) has been the most recognized tire fill innovator, known in the industry as foam fill, since 1971. As the global leader providing cost-effective tire flatproofing solutions for improved safety and productivity, the technology has delivered the reliability required for rigorous military, mining and off-the-road (OTR) applications for the past four decades.

Accella Tire Fill Systems and Accella Tyre Fill Systems GmbH (Europe) now advances this renowned heritage one step further, helping heavy equipment operators – working in industries where product performance is absolutely essential – to eliminate equipment downtime due to flat tires, provide a safer ride for drivers, and deliver a tire solution that is highly sustainable. Accella additionally builds on the customer service-focused ethos that has been a legacy of ArncoPathway. Accella stands alone in the industry as the one global tire fill provider which seamlessly integrates international manufacturing, technical service, and sales support capabilities all under one roof.

Accella Tire Fill Systems will continue to market the widely known TyrFil™ line, and is the only company that also offers other tire productivity solutions such as TLC, ReSeal, and Carefree Tires. Each of these eliminates flat tires and/or offers tire and rim protection. “Our new name reflects the global presence, product performance and safety record of ArncoPathway and Zeus Tyre Fill, but also leverages the polyurethane systems heritage and extensive technical support network offered by Accella Performance Materials,” said Andy Harris, President and CEO of Accella Performance Materials. “As we continue to serve three continents with localized, in-market manufacturing and distribution, Accella Tire Fill Systems will continue to scale nimbly to meet the growing needs of our customers and fulfill our promise to be their most trusted source and best overall value for tire productivity solutions.”

Joe Negrey, Vice President of Accella Tire Fill Systems, also commented, “The robust infusion of Accella capital into the brand has led to a new global manufacturing capacity enabling faster product delivery and more R&D muscle that has raised the bar for state-of-the-art tire fill production and service, adding new formulations and equipment to our supply chain.”

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