Advanced Disposal, an environmental services company, has a new online resource to help everyone recycle right on Earth Day and every day. includes bright, informative graphics to easily show what can and cannot be recycled along with common recycling myths. On Wednesday, April 22, more than a billion people worldwide will take action for Earth Day. Recycling remains one of the best ways to protect natural resources and preserve the environment, but the business of recycling is facing challenges due to significant changes in the recyclables export market and stricter quality standards. As a result, recyclers, like Advanced Disposal, have had to add extra staff and machinery to improve the sorting quality of incoming material, which has raised the cost of recycling.

While single stream recycling, which means all items in one bin or container, increases recycling volumes, it also significantly increases contamination. Contamination occurs when non-recyclable items are placed in a recycling container and thus requires more costly sorting at material recovery facilities.  “Advanced Disposal is dedicated to sustainable solutions like recycling, and we are partnering with our customers by educating them about the role they play in improving the quality of the recycling material at the curb or at their business,” said Advanced Disposal CEO Richard Burke. “We’ve created the Recycle Right resource page on our website as part of that education effort. As part of your Earth Day plans, consider sharing the Recycle Right page with your friends, family, neighbors, social networks and anyone who has a stake in keeping Mother Earth healthy for future generations.”

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