AMCS US (previously known as PC Scale in the US) is the world’s leading provider of waste and recycling technology has implemented a new brand across its global business portfolio. Over the last 16 months AMCS has more than doubled in size.  In addition to significant organic growth the company has completed a number of major acquisitions including the U.S. market leader PC Scale and Danish-based route planning and optimization systems provider, Transvision. AMCS continues to work diligently on expanding the available technology solution sets by increasing development staff and acquiring strong local products, such as Tower 7.0 and PC Scale WR, which remain an important part of the AMCS solutions platform.

With the rebrand, all AMCS companies are unified under a single AMCS brand and adopt a new logo and consistent identity. Consolidating under a single brand is designed to ensure customers can access and view the organization as one single company and benefit from the breath of its resources, knowledge and experience. At our core, AMCS is committed to delivering the greatest value for our customers and we continue to remain a customer-focused technology company. Another key driver for the rebrand was to move from complex product naming to an easier to understand and more relevant set of solution categories for customers. Our new solutions include AMCS ERP, AMCS Recycling & Processing, AMCS Transport, AMCS Data and AMCS Cloud.

Commenting on the rebrand, AMCS’ CEO, Jimmy Martin, said: “The launch of our new brand provides us with a great platform to clearly position AMCS as the world’s leading provider of software and technology for the recycling and resource management sector.  In addition to raising the profile of the AMCS brand, the consolidation of all our businesses under the AMCS name will support us in marketing our business internationally and help us in providing a consistent and seamless service to all our customers, irrespective of their location.” PC Scale, Inc. will now be AMCS US with a new company website that has been unveiled. The site showcases the full suite of Resource technology including of software, on-vehicle technology, business intelligence and cloud services.

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