With Hyundai Construction Americas delivering quality, reliable equipment when needed, Amerigo Metal Recycling has maintained their competitive edge.

In 2009, Jeff Cammllarie, owner of Amerigo Metal Recycling in Lake City, GA, contacted several equipment dealers to address their equipment needs, but none responded—until they reached out to Dale Richbourg at National Equipment Dealers (then Grove River Machinery) in Georgia. He drove out to their scrap operation the next day, sat down with Cammllarie and reviewed their needs.

Richbourg determined Amerigo needed a piece of equipment the dealership did not offer at that time, so he did some research with Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, and they helped spec a 320LC equipped with a material handler front end and high-rise cab. Not only did Amerigo purchase the material handler, but they have also been using it ever since, logging nearly 40,000 hours on the machine, and helping to grow the business to its current capacity.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas offers a full line of crawler excavators, ranging from compact models to mass excavators, as well as wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, compaction equipment, and hydraulic breakers.

Dale Richbourg (left) of National Equipment
Dealers walks the grounds at Amerigo Metal Recycling with the owner Jeff
Cammllarie, discussing future equipment needs for the growing business.

Today, the Hyundai 320LC remains Amerigo’s primary production unit in their secondary yard, and the company operates four material handlers (excavators outfitted with specialty front ends and high-rise cabs). “We are purchasing our fifth excavator converted to a material handler later on this year,” Cammllarie said.

Cammllarie noted that several years ago, Amerigo was looking for a front-end loader. They went to market and collected quotes based on their needs for a front-end loader with a quick attachment coupler and solid tires. “Hyundai was able to deliver the loader we needed with solid tires within three days at a competitive price. We’ve been using that loader 16 hours per day for the last three years, and it has not failed us yet.”

This Hyundai HX380L Scrap Handler is one of several custom-equipped Hyundai machines Amerigo Metal Recycling uses in its scrap operations.

Custom-spec’ed Hyundai Material Handler Coming Soon
“Hyundai and Dale met with us last Fall and asked what we would tweak on the 380 (the latest material handler in their fleet), including what we like about it and what we would like to change, and those discussions led to an additional five foot of boom and a 10-foot cab riser,” Cammllarie added. “We asked if they could add on an onboard compressor so our operators could clean out their radiators to keep the cabs clean. We asked for a port so we could do centralized greasing and maintenance on the machine. We also asked for additional front and back lighting on the machines because we basically run the
machines 24 hours a day, and we asked for additional guarding for the glass just because of our environment. We are excited. This fifth machine is going to be uniquely suited to our business, and we are looking forward to putting it to work it when it arrives.”

In 2009, sales representative Dale Richbourg (left) worked with Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas to spec a 320LC excavator equipped with a material handler front end and high-rise cab for Amerigo Metal Recycling. Amerigo has logged nearly 40,000 hours on that machine and purchased several more material handlers from Hyundai and NED since

Cammllarie said. “The edge Hyundai has over other equipment dealers in the marketplace is service, their ability to deliver a product, keep in parts as needed, and the reliability of their equipment. We haven’t experienced anything like the service and support we receive from Hyundai. Hyundai’s edge – delivering the equipment we need and keeping it running – becomes our edge.”
Cammllarie said he has appreciated the partnership with the dealership from the start, “Dale, NED and Hyundai understand that our needs are different than their traditional earthmoving contractor. We are a demanding customer. We put exceptional wear and tear on these machines, and we need uptime all the time. NED works to get us what we need and to keep us up and running, which is why we’re spec’ing our next Hyundai more than a decade later.” | WA

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