With waste and recycling collection services officially underway in the City of Pomona, Athens Services announces the launch of two on-the-job training opportunities for residents considering a career in heavy duty vehicle maintenance or commercial trucking.

Athens has partnered with Citrus College on a Heavy Truck Maintenance Certification Program and with Camino Real Career Schools on a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Graduate Program. These one-of-a-kind programs stem from our company ethos, The Athens Way, as well as our commitment to skills building as a way to enhance career opportunities.

“Athens is offering the maintenance apprenticeship and driver trainee program to provide individuals with the valuable chance to work within our organization while gaining practical, on-the-job training,” said Talent Acquisition & Retention Manager Jojo Delgado. “Our goal is to equip program participants with essential entry-level job skills and knowledge to help prepare them for potential full-time employment.”

The Citrus College Heavy Truck Maintenance Certification Program is a Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) program designed exclusively for Athens. The apprenticeship consists of a three-course series at Citrus College that will provide learners with an understanding of basic shop maintenance and services. The program will also dive into specific heavy duty truck components including suspension, steering, brakes, and hydraulics.

“Students will receive the fundamentals and training to help them establish a solid foundation that they can then build upon at their prospective place of work,” said Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Technology Instructor Spencer Boldt.

For those interested in getting behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, Camino Real Career Schools’ CDL Graduate Program is an opportunity for new graduates to apply for an entry-level Commercial Driver or equivalent role at Athens. Prospective maintenance technicians will need to register as a Citrus College student to participate in the apprenticeship program. After completing the first course of the series, students will be eligible to apply for a paid apprenticeship in an Athens maintenance shop.

Athens is proud to share these exciting new programs with the Pomona community. “The on-the-job training opportunities will help provide industry experience, as well as enhance an applicant’s employability, especially when applying for positions within Athens,” said Jojo.

For more information, visit www.athensservices.com