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August 2021

Trucks: Is Automated Refuse Collection a Panacea?
Transitioning to automated collection has never been easier than it is right now. Today’s fully-automated side-loaders come equipped with fully digital platforms and tools, plus, a full complement of safety equipment to make our vehicle operators’ jobs safer and more productive than ever before.
Don Ross

Financing: What You Should Know About Refinancing Equipment
Equipment refinancing can be used to achieve a variety of goals, including improving cash flow, consolidating debt and streamlining internal operations.
Kevin McGinn

Trucks: Navigating Unstable Ground
How landfills can increase safety and productivity through strategic equipment selection..
Josh Swank

Facilities Planning and Design: How to Attract and Retain Good Service Technicians
Optimizing the investment made in your shop will directly correlate with the team of technicians you are able to attract, train and retain. The options for what you can do will vary widely based on the size, height, site space and ability to expand the current facility versus what you can do if you are
building brand new.
Jeff Eriks

Contamination Issues: Improving Your Facility Results
From auditing loads, to communicating with your clients, there are tools to do so without adding too much of a burden on your shoulders. This process aims at improving your facility results and overall impact.
Julien Chosson

Waste Treatment
First of Two Parts
Innovation in Batch-Type Waste Tire Pyrolysis Technology
In terms of a sustainable, environmentally sound treatment of waste tires, thermochemical conversion technologies have become increasingly important in recent years, and some of them have already proven their technical and economic maturity.
Claus Lamer

Waste Conversion
Boosting Best Practices in the Water Sector
Around the world, the water and wastewater sectors are embracing new technologies to improve supplies, reduce energy use and increase the environmental sustainability of this vital but finite resource. This article will look at some of the projects overseas and asks what the U.S. water industry can learn from them..
Cameron Creech

Software Case Study
Putting the Puzzle Together: Modernizing a Dumpster Operation Through Software
Running a dumpster business is a complex and ever-changing process. Having the right tools for the job is an important part to running a successful business.
Chad Doverspike

Safety Brief:
Fix it Now…for Safety’s Sake
Serious injuries can result from overdue maintenance and delayed repairs. Immediately reporting and repairing equipment will ensure the proper functionality of equipment and keep workers safe. Having a responsive program to fix or replace broken items can save workers from injury.
Will Flower

HHW Corner:
First of Two Parts
Developing Sustainable Household Hazardous Waste Programs
Proper HHW management is clearly beneficial to humans and the environment, but these programs are not necessarily as environmentally sustainable as they could be. So, how can we incorporate sustainability practices into household hazardous waste collection programs?
Larry Sweetser and David Nightingale, CHMM, S.C.