Vashon Wanzer is a garbage man in Battle Creek who’s making some drop-offs with his pickups this holiday season. Wanzer is giving out free Christmas presents to kids on his route.

“I was raised by a single mom so I thought it would be pretty cool to help out during Christmas because I know my Christmases weren’t always the greatest,” said Wanzer. “I figured they would probably appreciate a little help now and then.”

One of those people who appreciates the help is local father, Wade Willavize, whose son received a recycling truck from Wanzer. “It’s a cool thing he’s doing, the kids deserve it. It helps for parents who can’t do this much for their kids and stuff, ya know? Their kids still get a smile on their face,” said Willavize.

But to Wanzer, it’s about much more than a present; it’s about the chain reaction the gesture can start.

“It’s beautiful it really is, because they might not realize it now, but maybe throughout their life they’ll remember something like this, and maybe they’ll help someone else,” said Wanzer. “So if I help 10 people now, and they help 10 people, then it’ll be 100 people, and then so on and so forth.”

Today it’s trucks and Barbies. Tomorrow? Who knows. “I’ve always wanted to help people out,” says Wanzer.

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