The town of Brunswick has announced the recent opening of a new food waste drop-off site for residential use. This new site at the Brunswick Recreation Center is the second such drop-off site in the town and is funded in part by a waste diversion grant from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The goal of the town’s grant-funded initiative is to increase residential food waste recycling from 200 tons per year to 400 tons.

The town hopes to achieve this by encouraging residents to compost at home, sign up for curbside collection service provided by Garbage to Garden or bring food waste to one of the two drop-off sites in town.The Public Works Department is now selling two types of home composters to help reach this goal. The price of the composters is subsidized by the Maine DEP grant and lowers the cost for those who want to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in a landfill or incineration facility.

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Author: The Times Record