The city of Buffalo is looking to launch its very own food waste collection program. All leftover fruits, veggies, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg and nut shells will go to the Buffalo River Compost site on Ensign Street. “We grind up all the wood and mix that in a carbon-nitrogen ratio, with some fruits and vegetables and monitor all the chemical components of that and with time, turn it into a finished compost product,” said Brian Murphy, owner of Buffalo River Compost.

Last summer, the city partnered with the Massachusetts Avenue Project and launched a pilot program. People were able to drop off their food waste, and as a result, nearly 2,000 pounds of food waste were kept out of landfills. It’s the definition of recycling and coming full circle. “In theory, if everything came from the city and the city turned around and purchased the products,” said Murphy. “Then we put it back out into site development projects, bio-retention ponds, habitat projects and even people’s landscapes and their gardens, it’s what we all need to strive for is zero waste.”

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