Canfield to Cultivate Biogas-to-Energy Growth at HDR

Jerry Canfield has joined HDR as a senior project manager in Minneapolis, Minn., to lead HDR’s gas-to-energy services and drive business with Midwestern waste clients. .
Before joining HDR, Canfield was operations director for energy at HR Green, Inc. He has served as engineer-procure-construct project manager on three of the nation’s largest landfill gas to energy facilities, including the award-winning Bowerman Power Project – the second-ever (and first U.S.) landfill gas-to-energy facility using seven new high efficiency generators fueled by biogas to produce 20 megawatts of electrical energy in Southern California.
About Canfield, HDR’s Waste Sector Director Brett Wolfe said “he has helped clients on every step of the waste diversion process, from design through construction and commissioning. And, with a diverse background crossing waste, power and water, Jerry’s experience matches our approach in providing strategic services customized for each client,” Wolfe said.
Before specializing in biogas-to-energy, Canfield provided design and construction oversight of municipal wastewater treatment plants, hazardous waste rapid response and cleanup operations, environmental investigations and remediation. He’s served in government (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) as well as consulting and contracting business operations.  
A professional engineer, Canfield holds a bachelor’s degree in civil/environmental engineering from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

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