CannaCraft, Inc., a large-scale cannabis manufacturer, announces that the company is partnering with Resynergi, the creators of an oil conversion system which turns unrecycled plastics into environmentally friendly fuels. The companies are piloting a program aimed at converting the plastic packaging from cannabis products into fuel that will be used to power Kind House Distribution vehicles, CannaCraft’s distribution arm.

CannaCraft and Resynergi are launching the program this week at Hall of Flowers, a Business-to-Business cannabis conference in Santa Rosa. The event hosts over 300 cannabis brands and businesses and allows attendees to purchase and consume cannabis onsite. CannaCraft will be installing 10 recycling vessels designated for plastic child-resistant cannabis packaging waste. Kind House Distribution will collect and transport the waste to the Resynergi plant in Rohnert Park for processing after the event.

The proprietary process is aimed at tackling the plastic problem plaguing the environment while reducing the need for fossil fuels. The plastic is converted to oil and byproducts are water and trace amounts of CO2.

“Resynergi’s innovative process is changing the way people think about plastic waste and energy while helping the cannabis industry balance important product safety measures with sustainability,” said Ned Fussell, CannaCraft Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder. “This is a win-win solution in our book. We will explore how to leverage this process even further in our own business operations.”

This is CannaCraft’s latest initiative to reduce excessive plastic waste being generated as a result of California’s cannabis packaging requirements, which stipulate all cannabis products be sold in child-resistant packaging regardless of application or potential misuse by children.

Earlier this year CannaCraft went through a lengthy and expensive process to certify their vape cartridges as child-resistant under the requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, successfully fulfilling California’s child-resistant packaging requirements for cannabis products. By adding an additional step during manufacturing, the cartridges are now inherently child-resistant. This allows CannaCraft to eliminate nearly two million plastic child-resistant tubes annually.

“CannaCraft is constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. If this program is successful, we could roll it out to hundreds of dispensaries and cannabis events throughout California. This is something that the entire cannabis industry could get behind,” said Dennis Hunter, CannaCraft Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.

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