Mr. Waste improves driver engagement, connects sales and operations, and grows revenue with Wingmate.
By Oscar Henderson

Mr. Waste provides high-quality and affordable dumpster rental and mini bin rental services to the Ontario Region. In March 2021, Mr. Waste started using Wingmate to improve
collaboration between their sales team and field workers. After speaking with Wingmate’s President and Co-Fouder, Matt Leuschner, at a regional conference, leaders at Mr. Waste decided to give it a go. Wingmate is a mobile application that allows drivers and employees to capture prospects from the field, send them to the sales team and collect incentives for their reports. To help close leads faster, the sales team and field workers can communicate directly through the app.

Of the adoption of Wingmate, Vice President of Sales, Frank Mangialardi says, “Getting started with Wingmate was incredibly easy. We were able to identify key elements based on our operation that could be customized within their platform for us to take full advantage. Our team was onboarded, trained and fully utilized Wingmate’s solution within days. The results have been outstanding, our salespeople and drivers love it.”

Not only has the adoption of the Wingmate program allowed Mr. Waste to create an incredibly efficient way for drivers to pass on potential leads from the field to the sales team, but it is also drastically increased the amount of business they have received.

Mr. Waste frontline drivers are equipped with Wingmate’s App while on route to service customers. Images courtesy of WingMate.

Reporting in Seconds
Wingmate (Toronto, ON) is a B2B software company that caters to field service businesses. They assist businesses in expanding by maximizing the resources they already have on hand. “We set out to create a simple, but powerful solution to help Waste companies of all sizes grow by maximizing the people they already have in the field every day. I’m thrilled to see numerous haulers using Wingmate and finding success while creating a strong new link between sales and operations,” said Leuschner.

Their solutions include an in-field reporting app in which in-field staff can report leads in seconds. Up-sell, cross-sell, service flaws, and client feedback are all examples of fresh sales opportunities that can be done through the app. Sales teams can also communicate in real-time by tracking and managing leads in a Simple CRM Dashboard.

A Seamless Connection
Mr. Waste praises the Canadian technology company, Wingmate, for helping their company make a seamless connection between their field workers and sales team. Operations and sales love Wingmate for its ease of use, ability to promote productivity among employees, and the link it creates between field workers and sales staff. A Commercial Driver at Mr. Waste had this to say about the app, “Wingmate, itself, is a good tool. I like it. To submit a lead, I take a picture, the address is automatically added based on my location, add a voice note, and it’s immediately sent off. If you can get a business name or competitor bin out back, that’s even better. Wingmate just keeps you a little bit more aware of what’s going on with new business out there. Pass that onto sales, and hopefully, they can close the deal. I would recommend anybody to sign up for it and use it.”

He continues, “It’s just so easy to use! We used to basically just jot down notes if we came across a lead or a customer request, but we never knew what came of it. With Wingmate’s app, we’re able to send back opportunities in about 10-seconds and receive an update from our team at the office that very same day. I have to say, myself and other drivers have really enjoyed being part of the team that grows the business. We’ve also been rewarded directly in Wingmate’s app for each piece of intel we send back. That might be my favorite part!”

Wingmate’s App and Simple CRM enable Waste Haulers to directly connect Sales and Operations while tracking customer and prospect information all-in-one place.


Capturing New Opportunities
Mangialardi says Wingmate has helped them get new business and track overages on acquired companies through their Simple CRM. “Wingmate’s program has directly increased the number of clients and jobs we’ve gained over the past year. We’re able to fully utilize the eyes and ears of all our drivers in the field to have a full picture of where the opportunities are. In addition, we’ve also seen a surge of productivity and buy-in from our drivers. They’re incentivized to send back leads to our sales team and eager to capture new opportunities every day. It’s been incredible to see our frontline and sales team so connected! I didn’t know this was possible.

Mr. Waste driver in route. He is able to communicate opportunities and customer requests in real-time back to HQs when stopped.

“Their entire team is very hands-on. We’ve never had to wait for a second to solve any issue. Overall, their platform has built a foundation for prospecting, starting with the first sighting all the way to a meeting booked. Using their CRM, we’re able to completely organize our data and make other decisions, like route mapping, based on where our opportunities are.
“I’m very excited to see our team continue to excel and work together. Wingmate’s Pipeline Managers have saved our sales team an incredible amount of time, probably weeks, with their cold-calling and reach out. Our people are happy to avoid that task and spend more time preparing for meetings and, ultimately, closing business!”

As a bonus, Wingmate pipeline managers are able to qualify leads and schedule appointments for a company’s salespeople as they come in from working in the field.

Leverage Your Assets
Wingmate’s mission has always been to help companies in the service industry expand without having to reinvent the wheel. The app leverages the assets currently in place—for example, techs, drivers, couriers, RSRs, CSRs, etc.—and provides them with the tools they need to succeed. Wingmate created a solution tailored to the needs of people on the go. Their software is straightforward and easy to use, allowing you to grab a lead in 10-seconds or less while on the road. | WA

Oscar Henderson is Growth Manager for Wingmate. He joined the company in 2020 to develop growth strategies based on customer needs. He can be reached at (888) 850-7190 or e-mail [email protected].