The City of Longview wants to increase awareness about a program that some may not realize is offered: glass recycling. Longview Sanitation Manager Kim Wallace said glass recycling has been going on since 2020. “We’re really big on recycling. So, everything we can do to keep things green, we’re working to do that,” Wallace said.

He said the city doesn’t pick up glass from resident’s homes, but those who are dropping off limbs at the city compost site can bring their glass waste along. “They can bring it out. If they bring it out in sacks or you may bring it out in crates, however you get it here, just drop it off. And then from there we got it,” Wallace said.

But that’s not the only place to drop off glass. The city has placed trash cans with yellow lids at several locations around Longview for just that purpose. “We’re working on educating our citizens more, the different things that we have going on for the city, that they will know we’re here for them,” Wallace said.

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Author: James Boyum, KLTV 7 ABC
Image: KLTV 7 ABC