The city of Tucson is working with Byfusion, a company that is reshaping the future of plastic waste. The company makes block-machines. These machines create 22-pound blocks made entirely of recycled plastic. “We’re using the plastic that people would otherwise just throw away into something we can now build with,” Councilman Steve Kozachik said.

Not to mention there’s no concrete or mortar involved, and it’s consistent with Tucson’s zero waste policy. Here’s how it works. “This is an idea of using plastic. Feed it into a machine called a blocker and by using heat would form into a shape like a block. It’s like a big lego and it can stack. They’re singed together with rebar,” the Councilman added.

The city is working with Byfusion to eventually get this machine to Tucson. Kozachik says it can run 90 tons of plastic through a month.

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Author: Luzdelia Caballero, KGUN 9
Image : Byfusion