The Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved amendments to the city’s solid waste ordinances, outlining solid waste regulations and the colors of city-supplied garbage cans and an amendment to the city’s contract with WM outlining solid waste collection. According to one solid waste amendment, residences and small businesses outside the downtown area will pay a fee of $16.50 per month for twice-weekly garbage collection.

Residential customers can add an additional can for $25.50 per month, meaning a residential customer could pay up to $42 a month for garbage collection. The previous fee was $16.95 per can. Residential cans will be green and have the city logo; the additional garbage can will be brown.

Small commercial businesses outside the downtown area will use the same cans as residential customers and may request up to three additional cans at $25.50 each per month. Commercial businesses in the downtown area will pay a monthly $40.15 fee for garbage collection four times a week and can have up to four cans at $40.15 each per month. Mayor George Flaggs Jr. said that the city will begin a program to inform residents of the changes using social media, mailouts, newspaper and other media.

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Author: John Surratt, The Vicksburg Post