The Colorado General Assembly’s Joint Budget Committee (JBC) accepted the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE)’s recommendation to adopt the “medium scenario” outlined in the Circular Action Alliance (CAA) needs assessment report. This important milestone means that CAA, the producer responsibility organization, can proceed with implementing Colorado’s Producer Responsibility Program for Statewide Recycling of packaging and paper products.

The medium implementation scenario is projected to double the state’s recycling rate of covered materials by 2035 and will provide expanded access to curbside and drop-off center recycling at no cost to residents or local governments. The recommendation was developed with input from over 100 stakeholders, including feedback from the Producer Responsibility Advisory Board during their monthly meetings, which PSI has been contracted to facilitate. CAA is currently developing a program plan proposal aligned with the approved scenario and will consult with the Advisory Board throughout the process. CAA must submit the plan proposal to CDPHE on or before February 1, 2025.

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