Covanta Environmental Solutions has requested to take up to 200 tons of waste per day and stay open until 10 p.m. six days per week in a recent application to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Truck traffic at the site would likely double from 10 to 20 trucks per day, if the DEC grants the permit change, company officials said.

The company plans to build a new 4,200-square-foot building with a drum shredder and a steel-lined concrete waste “solidification pit.” A company spokeswoman said the waste that comes into the transfer site is from “local industrial communities,” and most of it will end up at Covanta’s incinerator on Energy Boulevard in Niagara Falls.

Covanta spokeswoman Nicolle K. Robles said the company’s permit modification request is “intended to improve service offerings to the local communities via increased operating hours and daily volume. There will be little to no material change in the form of non-hazardous industrial waste we receive under this permit,” the statement reads. “Being a good neighbor is important to us; that’s why we have been in active and transparent communications with the Town of Niagara through this process. This permit modification will have no foreseeable impacts on the nearby community.”

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Author: Jay Tokasz, The Buffalo News
The Buffalo News