Detroit Radiator Corporation, a premier manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket cooling product solutions, serving the heavy-duty transportation, commercial, industrial, and agricultural industries, is thrilled to Celebrates its 80th Year in Business. Randy Pruitt, CEO, Detroit Radiator Corporation, commented, “I am honored to pay tribute to our company’s 80 years of rich history and to recognize the roles that hard work and innovation have played in enabling Detroit Radiator Corporation to become a leader in the Heavy-Duty Cooling Products industry.” He added, “We are most grateful to our loyal customers and business partners, and we look forward with confidence to the next 80 years.”

This is a huge year for Detroit Radiator Corporation with an extensive schedule in place for its 80th year. This includes many sales promotions, special events, fun social media games with cool prizes, and most importantly, the introduction of 15 additional POWERCOOL® Radiator models. Year 2015 was also huge for Detroit Radiator Corporation, as the company introduced its very first POWERCOOL® Radiator and it was a real game-changer! The integrated, bolt-on, one complete unit, POWERCOOL® Radiator, was created to replace the plastic/aluminum radiator and frame, with countless longevity benefits, allowing for a 5-year warranty. These benefits include: 3/18″, grade 8 bolts on steel tanks, 14-bolt side bracket mounts, 4-corner gussets integrated bracket mounts, and more. 2015 POWERCOOL® Radiator sales were even higher than predicted; Detroit Radiator Corporation could not keep them on the shelves.

With 80 years to be thankful for, Detroit Radiator Corporation will recognize its outstanding team members (and their families) for their hard work and dedication with an 80th Anniversary Event. It will be complete with entertainment, food, fun prizes, and cool giveaways, slated for July, 2016.

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