Dominion Energy is coming up with plans to remove and recycle coal ash from four sites around the state. Lawmakers got their first update on the new legislative mandate. Coal ash is the toxic residue created by coal-burning power plants, and it’s sitting in ponds at four sites around the state. A new law requires Dominion remove the ash, recycle much of it, or build new modern landfills for it onsite.

According to a presentation given to the state water commission, Dominion is considering a landfill at Bremo Power Plant, in Central Virginia. The company hasn’t made any decision yet about Possum Point, in Northern Virginia.  At the sites in Chesterfield County and in Chesapeake Dominion is beginning the search for companies that can recycle much of the ash — into things like cinderblocks or cement.

“We have cooperated with a few (companies), and given them coal ash samples, especially if they want to run studies and things like that,” Dominion’s Mark Mitchell told lawmakers. “I think the number that have contacted us is 36 companies.”

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