Development of organic composting opportunities, reduction of waste generation and continued increase of materials being recycled in Dutchess County are the focuses of the county’s 2023 Local Solid Waste Management Plan.

The county has increased its recycling from 36 percent in 2012 to 42 percent in 20922, both above the state’s recycling rate of 19 percent and the national average of 35 percent. When construction and debris recycling is included, the count’s overall recycling rate is 50.5 percent, compared to the state’s average of 43 percent.

The new plan prioritizes expanding composting opportunities, particularly for residents. The county said organic composting has increased throughout the county each year, it is primarily done by commercial entities with limited composting opportunities for residents. For most residents, the only composting is done in backyards, with the county promoting through the sale of backyard composting bins, sold at cost.

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Author: Mid Hudson News
Image: Mid Hudson News