The Recycled Materials Association (ReMA) celebrates Earth Day 2024 by highlighting the important role that the recycled materials industry plays in creating a sustainable planet. Recycled materials make up the roads we drive on and the cars we drive in, the wires and beams that bring electricity and communication into our homes and offices, and the boxes that bring consumer goods and food to our homes.

By supporting a circular economy, the recycled materials industry protects natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, and builds more secure, sustainable, and resilient supply chains. When recyclers put high-quality materials back into the manufacturing supply chain, trees are saved, drilling for fossil fuels is reduced, or mining is avoided.

The recycled materials industry is constantly innovating to protect our resources and help create a more resilient planet. On Earth Day 2024, ReMA members are encouraged to engage with their community to share the important work they and the recycled materials industry are doing.

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