Routeware, Inc., a leading provider of computerized route management systems to the waste industry, today announced the acquisition of EasyRoute, Inc. and its UK parent company, Webaspx. Both companies serve municipal and for-profit haulers who operate residential, commercial, and roll-off fleets.

The companies, who have worked successfully as partners for the last two years, will integrate their offerings which include in-cab computers, route management software, and software-based route optimization. Webaspx, who is the UK market share leader in route optimization, will continue operating under the same brand.

Routeware CEO Tom Malone stated: “The inclusion of EasyRoute’s easy-to-use route optimization product in our portfolio uniquely positions Routeware to deliver best-of-breed on-board computer systems, better route management, and intelligent route design. When combined with Routeware’s Driver Performance Optimizer (Routeware DPO), haulers can safely lower costs, capture more revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.”

EasyRoute and Webaspx CEO Calum Forsyth stated: “Our partnership with Routeware proved that U.S.-based waste haulers want a modern route optimization solution that works and doesn’t require a GIS specialist or a PhD to operate. Our EasyRoute optimization product works seamlessly with Routeware’s onboard computer system to creatively and safely improve waste industry routes.”

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