The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), in partnership with the Michigan Recycling Coalition, presents the Michigan Recycling Coalition 42nd Annual Recycling and Organics Conference. Join materials management colleagues at the conference to learn more about the ideas, projects, services, and ideas that are getting attention and investment. See the progress taking place across the state, especially as local governments prepare to update their county material management plans. Learn about the support, technical assistance, and funding opportunities available to stakeholders at the state and national level. Develop your vision and assure integrated materials management services are available to your residents and businesses, and recycled material is made available for manufacturing. Behavior change workshop providing evidence-based research, best practices and tools that unlock behavior change.

On May 2nd, EGLE staff will present a plenary panel to provide updates and answer questions about Part 115, planning, facility authorization, benchmark recycling standards, and more. Other sessions featured at the 42nd Annual Recycling and Organics Conference include:

  • Behavior Change Workshop to Improve Recycling -The Recycling Partnership/EGLE Training
  • Facilitation Training
  • Introducing Food Waste into Collection Programs and Operations to Maximize Local Organics Recycling
  • The New View from Circularity
  • How to Identify and Ground the Circular Economy Locally
  • Policy Trends Shaping the Compost Industry
  • A Packaging Engineer’s Role in Sustainability

The MRC Annual Conference provides the best opportunity for Michigan recycling and solid waste professionals to learn, discuss, network, and bring focus to the challenges that unite us – pulling materials out of households and businesses for reuse in manufacturing. Join colleagues at the conference and invigorate your relationships, inspire new ideas, and establish connections with understanding about what’s to come.

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