The EPA announces that the City of Austin will receive a Solid Waste Infrastructure Grant (SWIFR) of $4,000,000 to construct and maintain a new reuse warehouse. The warehouse will be an onsite space for redistributing used furniture and building materials and hosting programming. This grant will improve recycling systems in Austin. “Through the Investing in America agenda, EPA has given more than $100 million to cities like Austin to ensure underserved areas can increase their capacity for solid waste recycling and reuse,” said Regional Administrator Dr. Earthea Nance. “Today’s grant will help our partners in Austin extend the life of furniture and building materials, prevent more landfill waste, and help families in need.”

“EPA is proud to support the City of Austin in its efforts to provide its citizens with valuable goods that might otherwise end up in a landfill,” said Cliff Villa, Deputy Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management. “By redistributing used furniture and building supplies, Austin’s new reuse warehouse will help reduce waste, assist those transitioning out of homelessness, create a circular economy, and build a more resilient community.”

“Reduce, reuse, recycle: Austin is moving closer toward achieving our long-term goal of zero waste. By preventing usable yet bulky furniture from overwhelming our landfills, we can help our most vulnerable neighbors get back on their feet and create a welcoming home for themselves and their families. The Infrastructure Law I supported is delivering for Central Texas, and I look forward to continue working to obtain additional federal resources for our community,” said Congressman Doggett (TX-37).

“Right now, far too many materials are wasted when they could be recycled and reused by people in need. Improved recycling not only lets these items have a second life — but they’ll be a lifeline to struggling Austinites,” said Congressman Greg Casar (TX-35).

“Through this grant, Austin will be able to get good used furniture out of our landfills and into the homes of folks transitioning out of homelessness. It’s an innovative and sustainable approach to reducing waste in our city and helping those most vulnerable create a stable home. Thank you to our congressional delegation for your work,” said Mayor Watson.

“We are excited that the EPA has selected our initiative for their grant program,” says Richard McHale, Director of Austin Resource Recovery. “The reuse warehouse will connect valuable items, like furniture, to Austinites who can use them. It will also keep these items out of the landfill as we continue to work toward zero waste.”

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