The Environmental Research & Education Foundation announced its 2022 Charitable Auction, held on May 11 at Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV, is the most successful in Foundation history, with over $3.5 Million raised to support scholarships and scientific research toward sustainable waste management practices. EREF has funded over $18.5 Million in research grants and scholarships since 1992. Currently, EREF is funding 32 research projects, the most in the Foundation’s history. Forty percent of past and present EREF scholars are employed in the waste industry, with their research directly impacting the solid waste industry.

“EREF is a resource to help open educational pathways for students while advancing scientific research in the solid waste industry. The generosity displayed at our 2022 Charitable auction broke all records in the Foundation’s history, it was truly monumental. EREF appreciates the support of our generous donors and supporters as they help us light the way toward smart, sustainable waste management practices,” said Bryan Staley, Ph.D., P.E., President and CEO of EREF.

“EREF has given me the tools and network I need to pursue my research and work toward a more sustainable tomorrow. I am proud to be an EREF Scholar, and am grateful for the additional brain-power of peers and mentors which make a world of difference to my research,” said Monica l. Rodriguez Morris, MS, EREF Scholar. “The Foundation has provided me with the opportunities to pursue my dream of bridging industry and academia, and ultimately leaving our environment a better place for our families.”

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