Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., developer and patent holder of the only waterless engine coolant, and the International Green Energy Council (IGEC), one of the world’s strongest advocates of green technologies, have partnered to promote Evans’ revolutionary waterless engine coolant technology.Evans Cooling Systems reduce operating costs in the transportation and energy industries. Evans Cooling Systems manufactures a complete line of waterless engine coolants; Heavy Duty, High Performance, and Powersports Coolant. Evans non-corrosive coolant is a lifetime coolant, requires no additives, and does not need to be periodically changed out. This means less disposal and replacement costs, contributing to a cleaner environment.

The key to Evans Waterless Coolant is its boiling point of 375°F – well over 100 degrees higher than the operating temperature of most engines — allowing the engine to safely operate at slightly higher temperatures. Evans waterless formula will not form vapor, and will not build pressure, preventing hot spots and overheating. “Evans unique product will become part of an arsenal of disruptive green technologies that our organization has been introducing to the military, the agricultural industry and huge fleet operators”, said Ralph Avallone, the International Green Energy Councils Secretary General.“These accumulative technologies will collectively reduce operational costs, improve efficiencies and performance, and help save lives on the battlefield for our troops” continued Avallone. “Evans has the capacity to operate safely in a temperature range where water-based coolants begin to overheat. Whether used in a vehicle or a generator, Evans performs in extreme conditions and provides continual power by taking advantage of 15 to 20 degrees, simply because it can operate beyond the limitation of water-based coolant.” Said Mike Tourville of Evans. “Evans also offers an opportunity to reduce fuel consumption with the ability to reduce radiator fan-on time in heavy duty engines.”

For more information, visit www.evanscooling.com.